Non-EU exports help UK achieve record level of first-quarter trade

Cheering news from FoodBev about UK food and drinks exports.

UK food and drink exports have recorded their highest level of any first quarter, bolstered by value growth in shipments of salmon.

Exports of wine experienced volume growth of 13.8% as whisky, salmon and chocolate held their place as the three most important exports overseas.

Importantly, exports to countries outside the European Union (EU) grew at a faster rate than exports to the EU – 9.4% compared to 7.4%. Developing strong trading relationships with non-EU markets, as well as retaining trade with Europe, will play a key part in the UK’s economic strategy after it leaves the EU in two years’ time.

The three export markets that saw the greatest value growth were South Korea, up 40.3% thanks to strong growth in beer; Belgium at 37.3%, boosted by exports of wheat and barley; and South Africa, higher by 31.2%.

Ireland, France and the United States are the top three destinations for UK food and drink in terms of overall value.

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