Manufacturing Translation Services.

Technical and Manufacturing Translations

We enjoy a long and successful relationship with Talking Heads, who provide technical translations for our comprehensive Operator’s Manuals and related documents. They provide these translations to a high quality level, on time and on budget and are proactive in their suggestions and attitude.
— Hitachi

In a world where accuracy and safety are paramount, Talking Heads is aware of the various demands that are needed with manufacturing & technical translation services. Allow us to provide a comprehensive service.

Technical Translation Services – From Operation manuals, documentation, website copy, marketing copy, catalogues, brochures to technical specifications, emails, tenders and more. Our translations will ensure the exact message you want to get across.

Manufacturing Glossaries – We can help with the creation and management of glossaries of exact terms to ensure consistency and quality, that will result in your brand dictionary for us to continuously update and reference.

Worldwide Legislation – We work alongside our legal partners ensuring that all technical translation services are fully compliant throughout the world.

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Example Customers

Look through our case studies to see just how we have helped companies such as Hitachi and Evolution Power Tools achieve their goals. Contact us today.

We offer a number of related services to complement the manufacturing translation services we can provide. These include:

Artwork/Typesetting – We can provide multilingual typesetting of all artwork types including layout, localisation for the market, etc. This will ensure your message is clearly displayed and fully understood in any language.

Interpreting – This can come in many forms, providing interpretation for client visits, factory tours, international meetings, trade expos and various others. Let us help you get the message across with our extensive list of interpreters.


Our Understanding of Your Sector


Being able to take your brand and its various documentation worldwide, implementing seamlessly into those lucrative international markets, cannot be without world-class translation. Our manufacturing translation services set the bar for success, with Talking Heads receiving 94% satisfaction rate from our customers. We help make your message clear in any language, ensuring it stays consistent with your original documentation. We understand how crucial following the various legalities and intricacies of the manufacturing and engineering industry is to the success of your brand globally, requiring compliance against international legislation and safety processes.

How We Provide Outstanding Manufacturing Translation Services

Over the last twenty years, we have built an enviable reputation and experience working alongside some of the biggest and smallest companies. No matter the size of your company, we have the knowledge to provide world-class manufacturing translation services. Not only do we realise the vital nature of product localisation, but we can also improve your brand’s reputation across international markets. We achieve this by our vast network of linguists, with over 11,000 worldwide linguists in our internal pool and access to 300,000 additional specialists.

This all means you can be assured of the level of excellence we demand as well as the passion for translation that is at the heart of what we do. Many businesses just like you have put their trust in Talking Heads and we can do the same for you no matter the size of the task. Whether you need a translator for a meeting, transportation of products to a different country and culture whilst keeping your brand’s voice, or even translated copy for a detailed operations manual, we have the people to complete the job comprehensively and in precise compliance every time.

Technical Translation Services the Talking Heads Way

Our technical translation services can help in so many ways. We’d love to hear from you and detail how we can help you specifically. Contact us today to find out more by phone, email or by filling in our online enquiry form.

Whatever the requirements, the experts here at Talking Heads can make even the most complex information clear in any language.