Media Translations.

Translations, Subtitles, Voice-Overs, Transcription, Interpreters.

I used Talking Heads to transcribe and translate a voice recording. The required date for the information was fast approaching. Despite the short time available, they were able to assist and ensure I had the information I required still in good time. Excellent service.
— Sheffield

To say we're proud of our multilingual services for the media sector would be an understatement. It gives us a buzz when we see our subtitles or voice-overs in the public domain.  

For example, our Italian subtitles were used on short film Mother, Mine, which was screened at over 80 film festivals and won 16 international awards (directed by Sue Everett and produced by Rob Speranza), including an Italian film award - we couldn't hope for much better than that. Creativity is at the forefront. 

There is a serious angle too. We also provide transcriptions for critical news outputs, sometimes with life-changing results. Accuracy is key.


Example Customers



  • Translation of scripts

  • Assigning time-codes

  • Consulting on cultural aspects

  • Studio work with engineers

  • 'Turn-key' solutions


  • Translating scripts or using those provided

  • Sourcing multilingual talent

  • Production to ensure linguistic accuracy

  • Managing implementation process if required



  • Audio file types and copy typing

  • Transcribing to one language or both

  • Assigning time-codes and genders / speakers


  • Interviews

  • Documentaries

  • Meetings