Food & Drink Labelling Translation by the UK specialist.

This is wonderful. Thank you so very much for such a brilliant turnaround and excellent level of service.
— Diageo
Thanks for making the process so easy and quick – really refreshing.
— Boost Drinks

Benefit #1
Providing compliant Food Labelling Translations is not 'just translation'. Legislation is at the forefront of our service.

Benefit #2

Creation and management of glossaries of terms to ensure consistency and quality - resulting in your brand dictionary.

Benefit #3

You can trust in our experience - we are the UK specialist in international labelling requirements.

Our Offer
An unrivalled service; we utilise a comprehensive in-house terminology glossary containing approx. 16,000 terms, extracted from current worldwide regulations, e.g., EU FIR 1169/2011, GCC, China, etc.

We work with our legal partners to ensure compliance in every country of the world.

A bespoke Food Labelling Translations pricing matrix has been specifically created to optimise your budget. Prices range between £31 - £66 per SKU, per language for the whole process.


Example Customers

We Translate

  • Packaging, including ingredient decks (technical), marketing copy and claims (creative), descriptors, instructions and warnings. Typesetting / Reviews of SKUs.

  • Website translations, marketing and POS materials - communicating your brand voice (use of style / brand guide where provided)

  • Handling individual products or hundreds of lines and ensuring consistency and efficiency across all of them.

  • Niche products such as gluten free, free-from, vegan friendly and health foods.

  • Translation and proofreading to ISO 1700:2015 standard


Translation Services For Food Companies

Food regulations differ across the globe, but our product description translators are adept in meeting all legal requirements when translating food and drink labels for all international markets. With a team of over 11,000 linguists, you can be certain that we can assist you with any label translation projects you require, no matter the target market. With comprehensive technology and labelling translation specialists available to maintain consistency, the quality of the services provided by Talking Heads is second-to-none. We work closely with our legal partners to guarantee that each and every label translation is compliant with the country’s legislation and continue to build up a dictionary of terms to maintain quality for your brand across all markets in which you operate. We offer label translation across a broad range of claims, marketing copy, website translations, SKU reviews and niche products, and inject passion and expertise into every project we take on.  

We are trusted by some of the world’s biggest food and drink brands, showcasing our commitment to quality and consistency. We also understand that some projects can be time sensitive, and while we follow a strict process in order to guarantee compliance, we are also flexible in order to work to your deadlines. As an ISO 1700:2015 certified translation company with almost 20 years of experience working with small, medium and large UK and international businesses, you can be certain that you can put your trust in us.

Successfully integrating translation and localisation into your food products can help to dramatically enhance your appeal as a business. Poor translation can harm your brand’s reputation. Good translation can open up a wealth of opportunities in international markets. At Talking Heads, we offer high quality labelling translation services to meet your every requirement. We will work closely with you to ensure that your unique business objectives are met and your deadlines are kept to, while remaining compliant to all relevant worldwide regulations.

To find out more about our labelling translation services, get in touch today.