Multilingual Subtitles, AUDIO Transcription & MULTILINGUAL Voice-Overs.

Media Language Services.


Translated Subtitling Package.

  1. Send us your film.

  2. Tell us what language you need subtitles in.

  3. We’ll send your film back, showing translated subtitles.

FROM £24.95 per minute of film.


  • Transcribing source English audio, to result in source language script, including time codes.

  • Translation of the transcription, to your chosen language/s (full quality assured Translation & Proofreading process - details here).

  • Applying translations to film as subtitles (matching time codes).

  • Native speaker final review.

I wish I could do all languages with you guys. You’re so easy to work with.
— Nik, Mindset Communications.

Additional Services are available. Price based on English > Other Language. Source languages other than English may alter the per minute charge. All prices are plus VAT at the standard rate. Subtitles may not conform to station / channel-specific guidelines unless requested (which may increase charge).


Multilingual Subtitles for Your Film.

Subtitle translation requires more than just a standard translation – we adapt the translations to ensure they are natural and fluent. Our subtitle process includes:

  1. Transcribing / Translating your content / script and adding timecodes / speaker identification.

  2. Applying subtitles to your film, at the right place to match the audio / video content.

ET VOILÀ! The perfect subtitle translation every time.

The delivery of subtitles are ‘burnt-on’ to the video (embedded) and always on, and / or provided as a separate SRT subtitle file for use on video platforms such as YouTube, Vimeo etc, which can then be toggled on or off at your convenience.


Multilingual Transcription Services.

We assist in turning any audio you need transcribing, into clear and simple text for your convenience. We understand how time-consuming it is to take audio entries which can range from minutes to hours, such as an interview or meeting, and translate it to a high standard. At Talking Heads, we make sure that the audio is perfectly transcribed and nothing of importance missed. Our multilingual transcription services includes:

  1. Taking your audio or video files and transcribing/converting the contents into text.

  2. Translating the transcribed text from and to any language that you require.

As part of our audio transcription process, you can choose to receive both languages transcribed or just the target (translated) text. We also ensure the text will be formatted clearly and split into logical sections to make things clearer. Additionally, we apply timecodes and speaker identification to make using the text easier for you.


Multilingual Voice-overs.

Voice-over scripts require more than a standard translation - we adapt the translations by adding production notes to ensure natural fluency.

Our multilingual voice-over script translation process is:

  1. Transcribing / Translating the content / script and adding timecodes / speaker identification.

  2. Recording voice-over/s using pre-selected linguist/s.

  3. Applying voice-over/s to your film.

Many thanks for these. They look absolutely fantastic and we are really pleased with the result.
— University

If you’re interested in any of our multilingual transcription services, subtitle translations or voice script translations, find out more from Talking Heads today by contacting us, either by phone or email.

With just a few details, we’ll show you how we assist in making multilingual transcription services an easy experience.