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Talking Heads' linguists number over 10,000 translators, interpreters and researchers worldwide, speaking over 200 languages.

We work with some of the biggest commercial brands in the world, ranging from manufacturers to global grocery brands. Communication is key when you are selling across the globe and we understand how important it is that your market understands you. You need to reach a wide audience and our services enable this.

Our wide range of services have been configured to provide what is most suitable for you. See our Translation Service Options here or read about our Interpreting services.

We enjoy a long and successful relationship with Talking Heads, who provide technical translations for our comprehensive Operator’s Manuals and related documents for our Rigid Dump Trucks. They manage to provide these translations to a high quality level, on time and on budget and are proactive in their suggestions and attitude.
— Hitachi

Call 0114 470 1075 or click to email us.

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