Commercial / Export Translation Services.

Communication is key when you are selling across the globe. We ensure that your market understands you.

Commercial and Export Translation

We enjoy a long and successful relationship with Talking Heads, who provide technical translations for our comprehensive Operator’s Manuals and related documents for our Rigid Dump Trucks. They manage to provide these translations to a high quality level, on time and on budget and are proactive in their suggestions and attitude.
— Hitachi

Benefit #1
You benefit from our experience of working with some of the biggest brands in the world, ranging from manufacturers to global grocery brands

Benefit #2
Creation and management of glossaries of terms to ensure consistency and quality - resulting in your brand dictionary and future cost savings.

Benefit #3
We make it easy - send the content over and we'll do the rest.

Our Offer
Translation to the ISO 1700:2015 Standard, using your brand guidelines / tone of voice guidance.

Traceability of worldwide linguists.

A specially devised pricing matrix to ensure you achieve the best value for money, for the comprehensive service.


Example Customers

We Translate

  • Product packaging / labelling (full pack copy and for stickering).

  • Marketing copy / claims, creative copy, descriptors, instructions and warnings.

  • Website copy, marketing content and POS materials.

Related Services

  • Multilingual Typesetting.

  • Artwork reviews by native speakers.

  • Translation of all types of content; legal / contractual, etc.

  • Interpreters for site visits, factory tours, etc.


Translation Services For Commercial & Export Businesses

Here at Talking Heads, we have plenty of experience with some of the biggest brands in the world and will funnel all of this experience into providing unbeatable commercial translation services for your company. We do more than just translate word for word - we know how to produce fluent commercial and export translation that connects to your target market and accurately portrays your brand’s identity. With the help of our fluent multilingual translators, many of whom are native speakers, you can rest assured that your commercial translation is of a high standard regardless of your chosen language.

Having worked with the likes of Sky, Jaguar and the BBC, we know how to achieve success on a global level. We will work with you closely to get a full understanding of your company and your brand so that we can portray it seamlessly in whichever language(s) you choose by replicating your style and tone. We will discuss the style of every piece with you, to ensure that you maintain a high level of professionalism across the globe and continue to efficiently and accurately communicate with your target audience.

We understand that export translation needs to be accurate in order for your business to thrive internationally. Not only will your customers need to know precisely what your product is, but through accurate translations, you can guarantee clear communication between you and your suppliers.

Our specialised team of native speakers will work closely with you to ensure that we meet your exact requirements and deadlines, so you can rest assured that your company’s image is upheld all over the world. Our expert team are approachable, friendly and extremely knowledgeable in all sectors and industries; with our help, you can expand your business globally and start to build your audience.

When we translate your content, we will dedicate our time to not only including specific jargon and terminology but understanding it fully in order to truly connect with your audience as well as highlight your professionalism in the area. We will do our utmost to assist your company through precise translation of instructions, warnings, descriptions and even claims. Whatever you need translating and whichever language you need it translated into, here at Talking Heads we will ensure that the final product is to an exceptionally high standard.

If you would like to find out more about our specialised, helpful team and how we can help you through our commercial translation services, don’t hesitate to contact us here at Talking Heads, today.