SEO Translation.

Keyphrase / Keyword Translation.

Unlike standard translation, where you really need us to provide just one translation option, it's imperative that we do give you options / synonyms when translating key phrases and keywords.

  1. We provide the list of synonyms, e.g. translating 'dress' into Spanish would produce 'vestido', 'ropa' and 'traje'.

  2. You use this multilingual keyword set to execute your keyword research, in which you will see one (or sometimes two) of those Spanish keywords producing a higher search volumes than the others.

  3. Provide this data back to us and we'll use the word/s which produced the best search results / volumes from then on, in the context of ads and copy, e.g. 'mid length going out dress' would be 'vestido de ocasión a media pierna' assuming that 'vestido' was the strongest keyword to use.


PPC Ads Translation.

Once we have the list of translated high performing keywords at our disposal, we then implement them into the translation of copy. When the context is PPC ads, we follow mandatory rules such as total character allowance and sentence lengths.


Girlstuff Vestidos de Fiesta - Entrega al dia siguiente disponible
Compre vestidos de la nueva temporada en Girlstuff. Compre ahora!
Recien Llegados – Vestidos de Fiesta para Niñas - Vestidos para Quinceañeras


SEO Optimised Copy Translation.

We'll then continue optimising the best keywords by using the translations in all copy, under your direction. This includes SEO content (titles, h1 tags, meta-description, body text), creative translation / transcreation, product / service descriptions, client communications and more.

Quality translation, following our extensive processes remains our core priority.



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