Search Engine Optimisation is an increasingly important process to make sure a company or website is found easily on search engines such as Google. Keywords are the main driver and are used by search engines to recognise what your website is providing and how relevant it is to what a user is searching for. Of course, you may have already done this in your native tongue, but what about in other languages?

In a local sense, SEO is very important for you to reach an ideal or new demographic. Our SEO translation allows companies to reach customers across the world, so it's vital to work out what is effective and what can be left out!

A good SEO strategy allows your brand to be found easily and be at the top of the first search page. It can be a daunting process, but experimentation is vital to finding the right keywords. This, of course, is where we can help you.


Our SEO Translation Services.

As a translation agency, we understand the importance of the right words so that your brand stands out on a global scale. Here's how our service works:

Unlike standard translation, where you really need us to provide just one translation option, it's imperative that we do give you options / synonyms when translating key phrases and keywords.

  1. We provide a list of synonyms that relate to your target keywords. For example, if say you needed to translate the word ‘dress’ into Spanish, you would be provided with ‘vestido’, ‘ropa’ and ‘traje’.

  2. You can use these new multilingual words in your SEO process and, for example, use Google Analytics to determine what works and boosts your optimisation.

  3. Once done, inform us of the results and we'll use the strongest keywords for the copy and ads. So, if the strongest keyword to use of ‘dress’ was ‘vestido’, then the phrase ‘mid-length going out dress’ would become ‘vestido de occasion a media pierna’.

These steps offer a simple way to improve SEO in different languages and countries, allowing your company to be found and contacted much more easily.


PPC Ads Translation.

After you have provided your keyword data to us, we can begin to provide translation for PPC ads. Again, we understand the extreme importance of the translation you require and by us following mandatory rules, such as total character allowance and length of sentences, we can make sure your PPC ads are not left by the wayside.

FAB-U-DRESS Vestidos de Fiesta - Entrega al dia siguiente disponible
Compre vestidos de la nueva temporada en FAB-U-DRESS. Compre ahora!
Recien Llegados – Vestidos de Fiesta para Niñas - Vestidos para Quinceañeras


SEO Optimised Copy Translation.

A poorly translated website can put customers off and potentially send them to your competitors. Our multilingual team is here to support you and your business needs with translations that are localised and relevant.

Our priority is to provide a high-quality translation for all our clients. We'll create a range of translation services that will turn your website and digital marketing into a truly connected brand that will attract new people and grow your business. We’ll continue optimising the best keywords under your direction throughout all copy, just read through our extensive case studies of clients that have received just that.

When it comes to creating connections and meetings, our interpretation services are available too. It's a great next step for any business or project looking to go global!


Want to Learn More?

If you're not sure which service is right for you, please get in touch with our team via phone on 0114 4701075 or send us an email with your query. We also have a free e-book and our handy online form to get your translation journey started with us today.