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Our core offer - written translations to and from every language in the world.  Converting your message from one language to another, retaining the meaning whilst localising the text for your target market and reader.

  • Our standard service; a 14 to18 step process of translation, independent proofing and quality assurance. View our different levels of service below.

  • Linguists are chosen for your project from our extensive team, based on their language, qualifications, experience and knowledge of the specific subject matter.

  • The linguist's location is crucial - cultural knowledge of the target market is essential.

  • Projects are managed by our excellent Translation Team. Meet the team.

  • Using industry-standard Translation Memory software we retain content to aid with consistency and cost savings.

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Translation Services

If you are not sure which level of Translation service you require, please call us on 0114 470 1075.

Machine Translation   £
1. Machine Translation
Project Manager Led + spot-checked

Machine + Edit   £
1. Machine Translation
2. Human Editor
Project Manager Led + spot-checked

Translation Only   £  (reference use)
1. Human Translation
Project Manager Led + Review

Translation & Proofreading ('standard')   ££
1. Human Translator
2. Human Independent Proofreader
Project Manager Led + Review

Certified Translation   ££
1. Human Translator
2. Human Independent Proofreader
3. Stamped 'Certificate of Authentic Translation'
Project Manager Led + Review

Legislative Translation   ££
1. Legislative Term Matching
2. Human Translator
3. Human Independent Proofreader
Project Manager Led + Review

ISO 17100 2015 Criteria £££
1. Human Translator (ISO criteria)
2. Human Independent Proofreader (ISO criteria)
3. Mono-Lingual Reviewer (premium only) (ISO criteria)
Project Manager Prep, Manage, Review - Use of Style Guide if provided

Proofreading Only   £
1. Human Independent Proofreader (Source and Target Text Review)
Project Manager Led + Review

Mono-lingual Review   £
1. Human Independent Reviewer (Target Text Review)
Project Manager Led + Review

Multilingual Typesetting Services
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Sector specific pricing:
Food & Drink         Legal (incl LAA)

Associated Services

In-country Research
Utilising our nearly 10,000 strong worldwide linguist team, we provide 'on the ground' research services including product research, data collection and 'mystery shopping' style product testing.

Implementation of Translations
You choose the best delivery format for you; standard 'mirrored' formatting (Word, Excel, etc.), artwork formats, API transfer, etc.

Multilingual Artwork Production
Taking your English language artwork files and returning beautifully typeset multilingual files . Click here to view the options.

Standalone Proofreading
Reassurance that translated copy is correct and in context.

Certified Translations
As long-standing members of the Association of Translation Companies and the European Association of Translation Companies we are authorised to produce Certified Translations accompanied by a stamped Certificate of Authentic Translation.

What we value about Talking Heads is that they take time to explain their recommendations and help us to interpret the opinions of our local partners.
— Warburtons

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