To and from every language in the world


Converting your message from one language to another, retaining the meaning whilst localising the content for your target market and reader.


Our standard service; a 14 to 18 step process of translation, independent proofing and quality assurance. View our different levels of service below.

Linguists are chosen for your project from our extensive team, based on their language, qualifications, experience and knowledge of the specific subject matter.

The linguist's location is crucial - cultural knowledge of the target market is essential.

Using industry-standard Translation Memory software we retain content to aid with consistency and cost savings.


Translation Service Options


Talking Heads offers a variety of Translation options, including:

  • Machine Translation £ - For reference purposes and very high volumes
  • Machine + Edit £ - Machine Translation + a human edit.
  • Translation Only £ - For reference purposes
  • Translation & Proofreading ('standard') ££
  • Certified Translation ££ - Standard Translation process + a stamped Certificate of Authentic Translation (authorised by the ATC)
  • Legislative Translation ££ - Standard Translation process + matching terms found in your required legislation
  • ISO 17100 2015 Criteria £££ - Standard Translation process using ISO criteria linguists
  • SEO / Web Marketing Translation ££ - Providing multilingual synonyms for each key phrase, allowing you to analyse these for the best term to use
  • Proofreading Only £ - Comparing the source text to the target
  • Mono-lingual Review £ - Reviewing the target text only for ultimate communication

Click here to view our full process chart for each option. If you are not sure which level of Translation service you require, please call us on 0114 470 1075.


Multilingual Typesetting Services
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Sector specific pricing
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What we value about Talking Heads is that they take time to explain their recommendations and help us to interpret the opinions of our local partners.
— Warburtons
Thank you for all your help and assistance. The information you kindly put together has been an immense help in making the decision as a company what languages we require for our safety booklet
— Projects Engineering