Translations for Gaming and Betting.

Gambling and Gaming Translations

Just wanted to send you a thank you for the translation work you did for us. The speed of service, customer interaction and quality of the service was second to none. Not only did you over deliver on our initial requirements but you provided the translation quickly.
— Aspire

Benefit #1
Our translations for the Gaming and Betting sector focus on idioms and terminology which your target consumer understands - the key to communicating with your market.

Benefit #2
We understand that how you talk to your customers is crucial in achieving your 'bottom line' targets.

Benefit #3
Pricing - from 'mid-range' pricing for small volume translations to excellent reduced rates (up to 60% off) for high volume requirements.

Our Offer
Talking Heads offers an unrivalled service; experienced in working with providers across your sector.

A specially devised pricing matrix to ensure you achieve the best value for money, for the comprehensive service.

Translation to ISO 1700:2015 standard, using your brand guidelines / tone of voice guidance


Example Customers

We translate

  • Software / Platforms / Interfaces

  • Website and mail-out copy

  • Marketing materials

  • Commercial content.

Related Services

  • Multilingual Typesetting.

  • Artwork reviews by native speakers.

  • Translation of all types; legal / contractual, etc.

  • Interpreters for site visits, meetings, etc


Translation Services For Gambling & Betting Services

Are you looking for seamless gaming and betting translation services? At Talking Heads we provide accurate translations on a global scale thanks to our team of native and multilingual speakers. We are dedicated to providing reliable and high-quality gaming translation services, so you can have your brand’s content and identity translated accurately and precisely to meet your new audience internationally.

Your brand’s identity is a vital part of your business and much of this can be portrayed in the content you produce. Our teams are here to recreate this in any language you require in order to reach your target audience and communicate with your market. With ample experience in a multitude of industries, including gaming and betting, we can add idioms and specific terminology that your target consumer audience will understand into our translations. This will help ensure that you can maintain a high-quality service and reputation overseas as well as reaching more gaming customers, helping you to appear professional and knowledgeable in whichever language you choose.

Whether you require software, website, marketing or commercial content to be translated, we can provide you with excellent gaming and betting translation services that will represent your company in a clear and specialised manner.

At Talking Heads, we work hard and will meet your deadlines every time without compromising on quality. With the help of our friendly, dedicated and expert team, you can achieve game localisation anywhere in the world with our fluent and flawless translations.

We understand the importance of accurate translation throughout all industries, especially gaming and betting in order to attract your target audience. Therefore, our native speakers will translate your chosen content and continue the same style throughout each language, to uphold professionalism and create a simultaneous identity for your brand across the globe. Whether you require consumer or corporate-focused content, you tell us how you want the content to be translated and we will do precisely that.

Here at Talking Heads, we will work closely with you and your team to ensure that your gaming and betting translations are exactly what you desire and are of an incredibly high standard. Our friendly team are approachable and will always ensure that you and your clients are at the forefront of their work to produce fluent and high-quality translations for your company.

For more information regarding our betting and gaming translation services, don’t hesitate to contact us here at Talking Heads through our enquiry form, or by calling us on 01144 701 076, today.