Fashion / Apparel Translations.

Whether you're in Vogue, en vogue or fit for purpose.

We and the distributors are very impressed with the translations.
— Fitflop

Benefit #1
Our translations for the Fashion and Apparel sector focus on idioms and terminology which your target consumer understands - the key to communicating with your market.

Benefit #2
We understand that how you talk to your customers is crucial. Whether you are offering disposable or luxury, fancy or functional.

Benefit #3
Pricing - from 'mid-range' pricing for small volume creative translations to excellent reduced rates (up to 60% off) for high volume requirements.

Our Offer
Talking Heads offers an unrivalled service; experienced in working with etailers from the beginning of their journey.

A specially devised pricing matrix to ensure you achieve the best value for money, for the comprehensive service.

Translation to ISO 1700:2015 standard, using your brand guidelines / tone of voice guidance.


Example Customers

We translate

  • Campaigns

  • Website and mail-out copy

  • Lookbooks

  • Product packaging, labels and tags

  • Marketing materials/catalogues

  • Commercial content.

Related Services

  • Multilingual Typesetting.

  • Artwork reviews by native speakers.

  • Translation of all types; legal / contractual, etc.

  • Interpreters for site visits, factory tours, etc


If you want to see what on point really looks like, call 0114 470 1076 or email us.


Translate With Style

Your Brand Voice

, how do you deliver your brand to your customers worldwide - in a voice they will understand? We understand that you have spent time and investment on creating the exact brand voice that your customers have come to know and love, and this needs to be communicated in exactly the same way in other countries, and also matched to their culture. 

SLAs and Delivery

For high volume requirements (one of our clients currently uploads 150 products per day onto their site), we take orders on an hourly basis and have an SLA delivery agreement to 4hrs, 8hrs and 24hrs, depending on the content.  We understand that any time your product sits on an international site without being translated, is time losing sales. We deliver translated content in the way that suits you - direct to your inbox, or utlising an API or AWS, for example.



We are passionate about language and fashion so combing these two, we care about the difference between a box pleat and a knife pleat and what customers in other countries call them - it isn't always obvious.  Technical terms are key. We create your brand dictionary in-house to ensure accuracy and consistency.

Sector Specific

Our experience is vast and wide-ranging - from on-trend youth fashion brands to long-standing dancewear manufacturers and protective utility wear. The two things they have in common is the specific terminology required and to communicate the fact that you know what you're talking about in your sector. We convey these in our translations for you.

Luxe Brands

Some brand copy demands to reach absolute perfection in terms of quality and intention. Your brand is built on your customers being able to trust that everything you produce is pure luxury. 

We ensure that our luxe brand fashion translations are no different, offering our Premium Service, which includes a Monolingual Review in addition to the standard process.

Thanks for your service - effective as usual. You’re SO helpful every day!
— boohoo

The fashion industry is an exceptionally popular sector and one that is universal. For this reason, there is a constant demand for new fashion, but it is also a difficult area to succeed in with many well-known brands and designers already global. In order to compete effectively within markets, you need to make sure that your fashion translation is not only flawless, but can accommodate for every language and locality, where relevant. This way you can expand and reach out as a business further than others who restrict themselves to only the United Kingdom or even just Europe.

 To globalise your brand and business, fashion website translation will enable users around the world to understand and appreciate your site, in addition to assisting your brand by reaching a wider audience. Our multilingual team, who specialise in all sectors including fashion, can make sure that the content on your website is appropriate, accurate and engaging, regardless of where your audience is based.


What’s more, fashion industry translation is important, so any jargon or description about each item of clothing or accessory is understood in every country around the world. This is particularly important if the material of a product cannot be washed, or if the product is made out of a material that a user may not want to wear. This may be due to the user being against using animal fur, or certain materials may not agree with their skin and cause irritation.

Not only is it crucial that fashion translation is accurate for health and safety reasons, but also so the buyer knows exactly what they are buying, no matter the country. Our native speakers work closely with our clients to ensure that their specifications are met, in addition to helping maintain brand image and reputation throughout. Having had plenty of experience with a range of different sized businesses and industries, our linguists can apply their knowledge and fluency seamlessly with expert fashion industry translation.


Expanding your fashion business across the globe is achievable with precise translation. Buyers will be more enticed to purchase your designs, if they can understand your website and labels. Our multilinguals focus on specific terminology that will engage your business’ target audience, and help you to communicate with the fashion market around the world. Furthermore, our team will take tone and style into consideration, to relate to your buyers and general target audience. By delivering your brand voice clearly in every language, you can help your customers globally, to have an understanding of what your business has to offer.

If you would like to find out more about our friendly, specialised team and how we can help you and your business, contact us here at Talking Heads, today.