Digital Translation Services -
Getting Your Translations On Stuff.


Translation Technology.

If you’re looking to have your copy translated and implemented onto things, doing this multiple times would require a lot of time and money. This is why at Talking Heads, we use a Translation Management System (TMS) alongside industry-leading SDL Trados Studio, to manage and store your multilingual content intelligently.

This use of TMS and SDL Trados Studio saves you valuable time and resources, requiring translation only once even in many different formats. We retain your content digitally and are able to then maintain the quality and consistency you expect. This also allows us to build up your brand glossary / Termbase so that we know exactly your brand and voice requirements whenever you need our services. As we learn your brand, our digital translation services learn your brand.

Keeping all your translated content within a secure library also means that you won’t have to pay to have it translated again, the next time you have a requirement or if you make a file revision. At Talking Heads, delivering attention to detail like this ensures the best outcome for you.


Multilingual Typesetting.

With digital translation services being utilised, Talking Heads ensures the best possible process to manage and deliver the service you expect. Multilingual typesetting is part of this to ensure the message you want to deliver is presented and structured how you envisage it. This process involves:

  • The implementation of translation/s into an artwork template by native-speaking typesetters.

  • Overwriting English/ creating multilingual files.

  • Localisation / cultural check - to ensure it reads / is received properly.

  • Typeset script fonts and provide these as outline file/s (to set dimensions where provided).

  • Working with professional, industry-standard programs such as Adobe InDesign, Illustrator and Framemaker.

  • Additional linguist proofing to ensure absolute accuracy in the final result.

  • Following legislative compliance guidelines on packaging / labelling, etc. to ensure the essential details are present.

  • Ensuring your brand is intact whilst implementing any international texts / imagery.

  • Liaising with you and / or your creative agency, working together for the mutual goal.


Artwork Reviews.

With artwork reviews, Talking Heads ensures any current completed works commissioned are up to the high standards we expect and if not, we’ll work with you to resolve them. 

  • Review any multilingual content that is already typeset / published.

  • Localisation / cultural check to ensure the artwork is fitting for its locale.

  • Final proofread - to ensure the final result is as intended.


Implementation / Platforms.

Digital translation services take many forms, all of which are designed to provide you with the results you need. At Talking Heads, we use the latest technologies to provide an award-winning, world-class service no matter the size of the project. The methodology used includes:

  • The use of standard programs such as Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint etc.

  • Translations and implementation via Amazon Web Services (AWS), API, etc.

  • Coded content e.g. html, php, csv, json, etc.

  • Interactive PDFs, eBooks, etc.

  • The use of online platforms, e.g. CMS, WordPress, Magento, etc, to upload / import the translated copy.

  • A full and final review of the content aesthetics to ensure suitability.

  • Thorough cultural / localisation check and final proofread for accuracy.

  • The application of subtitles to multilingual films when required.


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