Getting Your Translations
On Stuff.


Multilingual Typesetting.

  • Implementation of translation/s into artwork template by native-speaking typesetters
  • Overwriting English/ creating multilingual files
  • Localisation / cultural check
  • Typeset script fonts and provide as outline file/s (to set dimensions where provided)
  • Additional linguist proofing to ensure absolute accuracy
  • Following legislative guidelines on packaging, etc.
  • Ensuring your brand is in tact whilst implementing international texts / imagery
  • Liaising with our clients and/or their creative agencies

Artwork Reviews.

  • Review multilingual content already typeset / published
  • Localisation / cultural check
  • Final proofread

Implementation / Platforms.

  • Translations and implementation via Amazon Web Services (AWS), API, etc.
  • Coded content e.g. html, php, csv, etc.
  • Interactive PDFs, eBooks, etc.
  • Upload translated copy to online platforms e.g. CMS, WordPress, Magento, etc.
  • Review final aesthetics of content
  • Cultural / localisation check and final proofread

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