ecommerce Translation.

For etailers who are starting or in the early stages of their international operations.

Thank you very much for translating our Amazon Catalogue. We appreciate Talking Heads’ team a lot.
— Shaving Products etailer

Benefits of Ecommerce Translation with Talking Heads.

  • You want to get your products seen by a global audience and we can give you the benefit of doing this quickly in the language(s) of your choice. Being a dynamic and flexible company, we act fast to match your ambitions then continue to monitor the ongoing process and developing systems when rolling out to multiple countries.

  • We have a track record of working with some of the best companies out there in ecommerce to produce translation successes that have resulted in improved conversions. You can see some of the companies that have benefited from our excellent ecommerce translation services below, or browse through our case studies.

  • ecommerce translation has never been more important, so it needs to be done accurately and in the right tone of voice. Recently, studies showed 60% of online shoppers rarely purchased from English-only websites if their first language is not English. Our ecommerce and product (labelling) translation services ensure that this will not be an issue with your website.

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We Provide:

  • Accurate product (labelling) translation of catalogues / high volume SKUs.

  • Translation of web copy in all languages.

  • SEO translations of keywords and PPC advert/Adwords.

  • Thorough research into international search engines.

  • High quality translations of marketing emails, newsletters and sales copy.

  • Translations for social media campaigns.

  • Research into international social media sites.

  • Ecommerce translation in all formats inc. Word, Excel, CSV, API, AWS, coded etc.


ecommerce Translation Examples in Action.

ecommerce Translation Services for Companies Like You

Talking Heads offers the full ecommerce translation experience, working with companies all over the world, no matter if your business is small, medium or large. No matter the size, we give each of our client’s equal attention to ensure the experience and service remains the same. Having received a 98% satisfaction rating from professional translators and interpreters the globe over, we can make a huge difference to your business.

How our ecommerce Translations Come Together.

We operate with a team of over 11,000 linguists worldwide meaning we are well-versed in the languages you want to target, ensuring the translation you receive is completed with specially trained ecommerce translation professionals. This makes a huge difference with localised product translation descriptions, being able to accurately integrate idioms, homonyms and other phrases as they are supposed to be for your brand.

Not only do we ensure your brand is receiving the most natural translation possible, but we assist in making a great first impression. We know the rules and regulations for each particular market in each country so that we can make sure your brand meets strict legal requirements as well as keeping your voice in line with the specific country’s culture; error-free ecommerce translation every time.

Let Talking Heads Improve Your Brand’s Global Reach.

We don’t want you to suffer from poor ecommerce translation, it’s not helpful for anyone. Let you and your customers reap the benefits of accurate, professional ecommerce translation and you will transition into global markets seamlessly. We’ll work closely with you while you do this to ensure we understand your unique business outlooks and become as passionate about your brand as you already are.

There’s so much we can do to assist you and by contacting us we can assist you further with bespoke ecommerce translation services – contact us today by phone, email or online enquiry. On this page, you can also download our free eBook for more on our translation services.