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Providing product labelling translations does not only concern 'being understood' in your target country. Legislation is at the forefront of our service.



Most countries demand that text is translated into one of their official languages. The following is an example from the EU Food Information Regulations No 1169/2011:

"...mandatory food information shall appear in a language easily understood by the consumers of the member State where a food is marketed."

Some countries’ regulations dictate the exact language which must appear on the product, and the exact terms to use.

Compliant Terms.

If the competent authority has provided guidance on terms or indeed included key terms at all throughout the legislation in different languages, common sense dictates that these terms should be used on your labels.  

We remove the element of subjectivity, where possible, by utilising terms used by the competent authority itself.

Talking Heads has gone to great lengths to extract over 16,000 terms from many worldwide regulatory legislations in many languages, and uses these terms intelligently when producing multilingual pack copy.

Compliance Checks.

As translation is only one element of producing compliant products for international markets, Talking Heads works with a number of Compliance Agencies and Law Firms, all of which can assist you in reaching compliance.

Example Customers.



1 INGREDIENTS PERMISSIBILITY / RAW MATERIALS 1. Check that your current ingredients are permitted in the country in which you intend to sell your product/s.
2. We also need to confirm which legislation/s your products are regulated by - we'll need to know this so that we can reference the correct terms.
Law Firm
2 PRE-TRANSLATION COMPLIANCE REVIEW This is carried out by the legal team, usually within the market/s in which you are going to sell your product.
Ensures that:
- All mandatory information is included for the target market.
- The information is displayed in the correct manner.
- That artwork adheres; field of vision, font sizes, allergens, contrast, etc.
- On-pack marketing claims adhere.
- Other country-specific labelling elements, such as religious requirements / certification adhere.

At this stage the legal team return their report and you can analyse their advice for use.

Please note that this process can be carried out for stickering as well as full label / packaging artwork.
Law Firm
3 LEGISLATIVE TRANSLATION Send your pack copy to Talking Heads for our 14 to 16-step ‘Legislative Translation’ process (read full process at

In brief:

1. Legislation/s covering your product/s is established / confirmed.
2. Review of your pack copy.
3. Extraction and intelligent referencing and application of any legislative terms which appear on your pack.
4. Review of this text in context.
5. Translation and proofreading of all remaining text, adhering to ISO 17100:2015.

If artwork is provided by this stage (recommended), the translation team will also review pertinent elements such as cultural aspects, formatting of text and units, etc., which may affect your buyers' response to, and understanding of, your product. Liaison with the compliance team may occur at this point.

Translations are delivered to you in easily understandable multilingual columns / a spreadsheet, or we can provide implementation as below.
Talking Heads
Errors often occur when typesetting is handled by someone who does not understand the language/s. We also carry out another 'in-context' review of the label / packaging.

This includes:
- Typesetting the translations into the artwork (InDesign, Illustrator, etc.), by either over-typing the existing English, or typesetting the translations into allocated space/s.
- Check that the translations have been typeset correctly: no missing characters, diacritics check, line flow, correct text structure, etc.
- Localisation / cultural check.
- In-context proofread.

We can also provide script languages 'outlined' for your typesetters.


Alternatively, Talking Heads can carry out a native-speaker review after your designers have typeset the translations.

This includes:
- Check that the translations have been typeset correctly: no missing characters, diacritics check, line flow, correct text structure, etc.
- Localisation / cultural check.
- In-context proofread.
Talking Heads
5 POST-TRANSLATION COMPLIANCE REVIEW The legal team review the 'final' pack artwork. This will preferably be carried out 'in-country'; by a compliance expert in the country in which you intend to sell. This check is the 'final' check - in the country in which you are selling, by experts who advise on a daily basis and know their legislation inside out.

This is the crucial stage which confirms absolute compliance, and where the law firm / compliance agency becomes responsible for the compliance of your product/s in market.
Law Firm

Other Multilingual Services +

  • Marketing translations for packaging, websites, POS materials, etc.
  • Interpreters across the world for client / distributor meetings, factory tours / inspections, etc.
  • Proofreading of texts (against legislation) provided by your in-country contacts
  • Ad hoc or detailed regulatory and compliance advice
  • Advertising advice
  • Recycling
  • Processing technologies
  • Commercial procurement and supply-chain advice

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