e-commerce Translations

Having a website in just 13 languages accesses 90% of all the money spent online.


Accessing global sales through selling online makes translation essential.

60% of online buyers whose first language is not English, rarely or never buy from English-only websites. (ref. commonsenseadvisory.com, 2014).

Boohoo (DE)
  • Web copy translation; all languages
  • SEO Keyword translations - providing multilingual synonyms for keywords
  • PPC advert / Adwords translations - ensuring character counts are maintained
  • Research into international search engines
  • Marketing emails, newsletters, sales copy
  • Social media campaigns - twitter and Facebook translations and ads
  • Research into international social media sites
  • Providing translations manually (Word, Excel, csv, etc.) or automatically (API, AWS, coded, etc.)
Thank you very much for translating our Amazon Catalogue! We appreciate Talking Heads’ team a lot.
— wet shaving products Designers and manufacturers

Some of our e-commerce translations in action: