ecommerce Translation.

We excel at working with etailers who are ready to start, or who are in the first stages of their international operations.

Thank you very much for translating our Amazon Catalogue. We appreciate Talking Heads’ team a lot.
— Shaving Products etailer

Benefit #1
As a flexible, dynamic, fast moving company we match your requirements to get your products to market as quickly as possible, then we look at the ongoing process / developing systems for multiple country roll-outs.

Benefit #2
Your perfect partner for your international ambitions. We've launched some big success stories. We can do it for you too.

Benefit #3
Translation is essential for global ecommerce sales. 60% of online buyers whose first language is not English, rarely or never buy from English-only websites.

We Provide

  • Marketing emails, newsletters, sales copy

  • Social media campaign translations

  • Research into international social media sites

  • Translations in all formats (Word, Excel, csv, API, AWS, coded, etc.)

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Examples in Action.

Translation Services For eCommerce Companies

No matter where in the world your business operates, our team of over  11,000 linguists from across the globe are certain to meet your requirements. The standards of our product translation across eCommerce businesses from all sectors are second-to-none. We specialise in error-free eCommerce translation designed to match your brand voice while remaining in-line with the specific country’s culture. Our expert product translation services are not only designed to provide you with a new label for your product – we can also assist you to make the right first impression. Our team are well versed in regulations from across the world, to ensure that the labels and product descriptions associated with your products meet legal requirements, no matter your target market.

Regardless of your business specifications, you can be sure that our team can meet your every need. With the assistance of our specialist linguists, you can make an impact with translated and localised product descriptions. With markets becoming more fragmented than ever before across the globe, ensuring your products hit your audience at the right time, in the right context, is more important than ever before. That’s where our specially trained eCommerce translation professionals come in.

Does your brand’s content integrate idioms, homonyms and other phrases which will typically confuse another culture if translated poorly? You don’t need to worry. The team here at Talking Heads are passionate about ensuring your products are transitioned into international markets seamlessly. We will work closely with you to ensure that all of your product translation needs are met, while assisting you with meeting any deadlines which you may have.

With experience working with small, medium and large business in the UK and internationally and a 98% satisfaction rating from professional translators and interpreters, we can ensure that your eCommerce translation requirements are met proficiently. We take the time to understand all unique business requirements and invest passion into each of our client projects.

To find out more about the product translation services offered by the experts at Talking Heads, get in touch today.