International Snackable Content Translation

Translated Snackable Content
Your virtual customers aren’t hungry for the whole meal! 

What Is Snackable Content?

Content that can be eaten and digested quickly - customers just aren't reading the full white paper as much as they used to. A snackable piece of content is a bite-sized chunk of brand info which rolls into the minds of your customers, probably on their online / social feed, amongst other snackable bits.

How Does It Relate To What I'm Used To?

It was always said that your brand had to be seen 7 times by a customer before they would take action. Maybe that's not quite as set in stone as it used to be. Maybe it's now even more important with all the surrounding noise!

So do you think that your customer is going to read / digest 7 pieces of long content?

No - 7 'snackable' impacts are going to cement your brand.

Why Is This Important For You As An Exporter?

Because most of your communications with your international customers are probably online - and if you do have products on the shelf, you already know how important it is to communicate a small yet vital piece of information quickly.

Because when you are operating in international markets, you are not a 'home-grown' brand, meaning you have to make the impact faster, and work harder to be noticed.

Because you need to communicate quickly why your customers should choose a foreign brand; more dynamic translated content will support this.

Because in an online world run by imagery, matching yours to a few words is crucial.

Because you can establish your brand values and 'reasons to buy' more quickly, directly and in a voice to which your market responds to.

Because your new international customers will remember this snappy translated content much easier than reams of text and when it comes to seeing your brand for the 3rd, 4th, 5th time, they start to digest a repeated pattern of information.

It goes without saying that snackable content must be translated. In the seconds that you have to grab their attention, you simply don’t have time for them to read something which isn’t in their mother-tongue language. It takes much longer and your opportunity would be lost.


  • Short text has fewer words therefore costs less.

  • It's quicker to produce.


  • Not all languages can communicate exactly what you want to, in as few words as English.

  • You still need more in-depth descriptive content for interested customers to access, available on click-through links, etc.

  • In some cultures, such as the Japanese, bitesize chunks are not preferred. Instead the Japanese prefer lots of text which establishes a trustworthy brand.

Article by Laurianne, Talking Heads Director. Contact me to discuss your brand communications.

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