7 Reasons To Work With Talking Heads


#1 We Know What We're Doing

In 2019 we celebrate our 20th anniversary and you don't get that far without learning the right way to do things. Quality driven processes are at the heart of our service. View Processes >>

#2 We Understand You

We have been listening to our clients from the very beginning. We know the differences between the language in a Patent Claim and the way a pure play campaign is worded. If we don't already know your sector we learn quickly. View Translation Services >>

#3 Other People Rate Us

From start-ups to household names, it's no accident that lots of successful companies choose us. This is not showing off - it's proof that we produce the goods. Read Case Studies >>

#4 The Industry Rates Us

The UK Association of Translation Agencies named us the 3rd fastest growing LSP in the UK - and placed us in the top 2%. We've grown at this rate because we do a great job. Read More About Us >>

#5 We Strive For Better

Never a team to rest on our laurels, we start at the process driven 'tried and tested' end but then look at each project individually and say "what can we change here to make this better?".

#6 We're Quick

We. Get. It. You need it now, or yesterday, or tomorrow by 4. We'll do our best and usually meet your (sometimes!) unrealistically short deadlines! :-)

#7 We're Nice

Not to be sniffed at, this last one. Who wants to work with boring or frustrating people? Not us and not you we're guessing. The fact that we are a small team made up of people who are genuinely nice and want to produce the best work for you goes a long way...

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