Job Titles in the LSP Industry


We don't expect you to know, understand or love our industry as much as we do (!), so we thought it might be helpful if we explained what our common job titles are - and what they mean.

Although we are fully entrenched in our industry, we can't claim that the job titles we use below are the same for every LSP (Language Service Provider), but we're confident they're pretty similar.

Administrator / Coordinator
Where would we be without our administrators? Our administrator looks after us all and the office, as well as logging interpreter bookings over the phone and via our website. Our Linguist Finance Coordinator looks after our suppliers, crucially ensuring they get paid on time.

Project Administrator / Coordinator (PC)
Often an entry-level role within an LSP, 'PCs' get up to speed very quickly. Usually language / translation graduates, PCs have to be multi-tasking wizards, capable of working with Project Managers across many different sectors, clients and projects.

Junior Project Manager (JPM)
Once a PC has 'learnt the ropes' they can progress on to being a Junior Project Manager. It's especially important to explain that the word 'junior' here does not imply that they aren't at the right level to work with clients - it just means that they are under the supervision of a Project Manager and the Translation Team Leader. A JPM will manage the full life cycle of a project.

Project Manager (PM)
Probably the one which you've heard of most - the person in this role manages the full life cycle of your project; sourcing appropriate linguists, reviewing the source content (translation), ensuring on-time delivery and quality from both the translator and proofreader (translation), plus any other suppliers, final checking and delivery to you. They'll also become familiar with your brand and how you like things to be done.

Senior Project Manager (SPM)
Advancing from a PM role, an SPM will potentially look after more complicated requirements and have an 'account overview' role as well. 

Team Leader
This person has the important role of making sure that everything above gets done properly and on time, as well as managing projects themselves! In a smaller company like ours, they will usually report directly to the people running the company.

Client Manager/s
The wonderful people who look after you! In our business, we have a Client Finance Manager who looks after the financial side of your account.

Well we're all familiar with this role, so focusing on our business, our Directors are very hands on, looking after HR, Quality, Finance and Business Development - and of course, ensuring the happiness and wellbeing of the team.

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