Labelling Compliance Translation: United Biscuits (Pladis).

An example of our Translation / Typesetting work relating to food manufacturer, international regulations, packaging, labelling translations, compliant food labelling.

We did intense trialing prior to going live and TH have done a wonderful job retaining all agreed processes. We have not had any issues so far, and do not expect to in the future with the diligent way that TH work. We have had no issues with accuracy to date.

We have found TH to be an extremely professional and friendly company, who are proactive and  fully aware of their customers needs at all times.
— United Biscuits (Pladis)

The Requirement

Ongoing (daily) translation requirements with short turnarounds at different service levels, referencing legislations and Translation Memory. United Biscuits originally approached Talking Heads to provide not just translation services, but also a project management process to keep track of multilingual content.

Also, a large special one-off project for a full rebrand of all SKUs:

  • 78 SKUs

  • 27 Recipes

  • 35 Worldwide Markets / Territories

The Solution

Talking Heads...

  • Provides an online ordering system enabling authorised team members to view all requests, their statuses, costs and details.

  • Established a clear pricing model to enable the Pladis team to cost the work before sending a request through.

  • Handles all requests with an incredibly quick turnaround.

  • Informs the Pladis team of content and translation / language requirements for each market in which they wish to market the product (at the point of making the request).

  • Provides translations that conform to the labelling legislation for each market, using our in-house 16,000 word glossary.

  • Provides accurate, culturally-appropriate translations of other text.

  • Liaises with the law firm at times when a compliance guarantee is required.

  • Handles multilingual typesetting of the more difficult character sets.

  • Is on hand at all times as their partner in labelling.


Understanding our client and copy content is key to delivering effective translations. Every Account Manager and Project Manager conducts research into the sector, company and products, ensuring their complete understanding of the content they are managing.


Working from our in-house pool of over 11,000 worldwide linguists, ongoing internal recruitment is carried out to ensure the best linguists are chosen, based on mother-tongue language, sector expertise and experience in translating and copywriting for the sector, product and type of content. A selection of linguists is then shortlisted and trained / inducted in the account brand (incl. tone of voice) and project/s.

Process / Quality

At Pladis' request, our ‘legislative’ process is employed:

Review, pre-processing, term-matching with the legislation, translation, review, proofreading, review, spot-checking, formatting, post-processing, delivery and feedback.
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Formatting / Implementation

Files are sent to us either in MS Excel or Adobe InDesign format. For either format, our ‘target’ language files must mirror the ‘source’ language files as much as possible, allowing for cultural localisation. This includes layout, imagery, indexing, contents tables, font choice and technical implementation (incl. for script languages such as Arabic). Print-ready files are returned.

TM Management

Having worked with Pladis for many years, the TM (Translation Memory) we hold for them is comprehensive. For each product which requires translation, we can achieve the highest level of consistency and quality, due to this referencing. Discounts are also made possible as many parts of standard text are kept on record. This TM also becomes part of any new linguist’s brand training / style guide. When a revised document is sent to us for the amendments to be translated, we load it into our TM and make changes to the revised sections only, ensuring the most cost effective and efficient result.


Like any business, our customer Pladis has very strict budgets. After discussion about their requirements at the beginning of their account setup, we set up a pricing model, enabling them to know the exact cost of translation before they send the work to us. They find this extremely helpful when they are at the pricing stage of their product development.

Turnaround / Delivery

All translations are produced within Pladis' schedule, fitting into the design, copywriting, print and delivery of POS collateral to market.