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Amie Harrison

Amie Harrison

Client Finance Manager
Languages: English (native), BSL

Amie works with the Finance team at Talking Heads and looks after client accounts. The often complicated task of invoicing for translation services and interpreting services is in Amie’s domain. A longstanding member of the team, Amie’s excellent appreciation of practical issues and solutions to tricky situations is highly valued by the company. You could call her The Fixer.

In the last few years Amie has started the education pathway of learning BSL (British Sign Language), currently at level 2. This is an excellent addition to the Talking Heads team, as BSL is an interesting, complicated and unique area of interpreting.

Amie's name means 'friend' in French and this couldn't be more appropriate. Amie is mum to two lively boys and also shares her home with a bearded dragon called Jubjub. She loves her club music and is always ‘on the go’!

At Talking Heads, Amie is looking forward to

…a long and happy career.”

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Eileen Enos

Founder / Director
Languages: English (native), Spanish, French

The Founder of Talking Heads in 1999, Eileen simply never stops! Primarily running the business with her fellow Director, Eileen also focuses on managing the Finance Team and External Relationships.

Her travel log is enviously extensive; Canada, US, Mexico, Antigua, Barbados, St Lucia, Cuba, South Africa, Zimbabwe, Morocco, Egypt, Tunisia, Canary Islands, Mallorca, Turkey, Ireland, Scotland, Wales, France, Spain, Italy, Rhodes, Croatia, Switzerland, Luxembourg, Belgium, The Netherlands, Poland, Czech Republic, Portugal – and coming soon, India and Thailand.

She can regularly be found listening to the Blues (often her husband’s band), 70s classic pop icons; and lots of current artists such as Adele, Nora Jones, Paloma Faith, etc. Having taken up dancing in 2015, this continues to be a favourite hobby, as well as crosswords, quizzes and visiting historical buildings. See – she never stops!

She is very proud of the her team and the successes of Talking Heads and is hoping to achieve

… bigger and better things for Talking Heads with a satisfied and well rewarded team”.

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Laurianne Enos


Laurianne runs Talking Heads with her fellow Director (and mother) Eileen. Laurianne primarily looks after Business Development.

Obviously a fan of the in-flight movie, Laurianne has travelled to Canada, the USA, Cuba, Tunisia, Egypt, Morocco, Sierra Leone, the Canary Islands, France, Germany, The Netherlands, Belgium, Luxembourg, Andorra, Spain, Portugal, Denmark, Sweden, Ireland, Scotland, Wales, Latvia, Greece, Turkey and Japan.

An art, fashion and interiors enthusiast, her Pinterest account never gets a minutes peace - lots of the research can be seen employed in her house which is always nearly finished.

Laurianne hopes for big things for Talking Heads;

"It's always an exciting time for the company as we continuously push 'for more and for better', providing our clients with an excellent service. The thrill of bringing new clients on board never dies".

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Marina Giraldo-Mejia

Languages: Spanish (native), English

Marina is Colombian and after travelling the world for a while, joins us in Sheffield due to her husband being the Head of the Department of Architecture at the University of Sheffield.

She has travelled to Italy, Spain, Ireland, France, Germany, Switzerland, Netherlands, Austria, Cyprus, Turkey, Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates, Oman, Portugal, Belgium, Panama, India, USA and of course Colombia!

Besides travelling, she loves reading and cooking, and going for long walks or swimming to keep active.

Marina simply loves working at Talking Heads… “I feel at ease with everyone and it’s like a family. I love waking up every morning to come to work and that hasn’t happened in some of my previous positions. Each member of the team has a very different personality - that’s what makes it so rich and enjoyable. Plus it is one of the most employee friendly environments I have ever worked in, and I’ve been around a few places in my work life!”

Marina’s hopes for her future at Talking Heads:

“I hope to continue working here for a long time; I would like to learn more from the teams so I can enrich my knowledge in the field of translation and interpreting further, so my role can grow as the company continues to grow too.”

Marine Ferrier

Project Manager
Languages: French (native), English, Spanish

Marine is our resident Lyonnaise Project Manager, working in the Translation team. Marine is a newer and very welcome addition to the Talking Heads team. Marine has earned a License in Lettres Modernes et Anglais (BA in Literature and English) and an MA in Translation Studies.

Marine has taken her travels across the globe and cites Thailand as one of her favourite places. One of her key passions is food – she combines this with her love of books to carry out her favourite pastimes – reading cookery books and enjoying brunches at the weekend. Sounding like a true Sheffielder, Marine loves her rock and indie (and throws in some 90s pop) and would love to see the Arctic Monkeys performing on their home turf in Sheffield.

Her favourite thing about working about Talking Heads is the people and learning new things about translation, and the wide variety of texts which we translate for our clients.

She is looking forward to

… being a great Project Manager!

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Marta Woznica

Project Manager
Languages: Polish (native), English, Russian

Marta joins us at the Sheffield Head Office of Talking Heads from Warsaw, Poland. Having previously studied Project Management, Marta can usually be found pouring over detailed texts, seeking perfection – Marta is superb at reviewing and is fanatical about the formatting of documents. Just what we like to hear!

Preferring epic scenery to cities, Marta’s favourite places are the Western National Parks in the USA and Sub-Saharan Africa. She loves action adventure holidays as well as logic puzzles, adventure video games and learning languages. She loves to round this off with a nice glass of Chardonnay. Rightly so, she is especially proud of climbing Mount Kilimanjaro.

Her favourite thing about working at Talking Heads is that “It’s never the same - we are constantly challenged with new things – it never gets boring”.

What is she hoping to achieve at Talking Heads?

“ I am always interested in learning more about the ongoing legislation changes facing the Food & Drink sector, to assist clients in reaching a state of perfection in product packaging!”

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Neil Mathews

Senior Project Manager
Languages: English (native), Dutch, German

Neil joined Talking Heads as a Resources Coordinator and has progressed to Project Manager level through diligent working and a strong understanding of client requirements. Neil manages Interpreting projects, working closely with Talking Heads’ strong pool of national and international linguists.

Originally from Suffolk, Neil graduated from the University of Sheffield with a Degree in German with Dutch and, after a 2.5 year stint in the Netherlands, returned to the Steel City. Neil mostly spends his time juggling his passions of quizzes (rarely beaten we say), whisky tasting and cooking. Being a Teutophile, Neil’s favourite international city is Berlin and he simply loves its Gastfreundlichkeit and Schnitzel.

In the Talking Heads office Neil is the go-to-guy for English, German and Dutch linguistic quandaries, being a stickler for accuracy. Neil especially enjoys his interactions with linguists, clients and colleagues – a ‘joy to work with’ he says. To get on Neil’s good side, some praise for the Eurovision Song Contest would go down very well or you could ask him about the time he had a chat with Queen Beatrix of the Netherlands in Dutch.

Neil says he endeavours to

...make sure that Talking Heads is every Interpreter’s favourite agency to work with and to ensure that our clients’ requirements can always be fulfilled”.

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Paul Heath

Project Manager

Paul works on the pre- and post-processing of translation projects for Talking Heads. Excellent at sniffing out any technical solutions required – and they often are – we are constantly reminded of his first-rate contribution to the team.

Originally from Warrington, Paul now lives in Sheffield. Leaning towards rock in his musical tastes (“…the Black Keys, the Black Seeds – anything with ‘black’ in really…"), he does enjoy all genres.

Having once ‘enjoyed’ a thought provoking 48 hour train journey to Turkey, he still cites this as his favourite country, finding the culture very interesting. No surprise, then, that one of his favourite things about working at Talking Heads is the variety; “…no two days are the same – I enjoy speaking with our linguists all over the world”.

At Talking Heads, Paul is hoping to

“Make a difference in the business.”

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Rebekah Foard

Junior Project Manager
Languages: English (native), French

Rebekah joined us after graduating with an LLB Law with French degree and is a crucial part of the translation team, having an excellent eye for detail and a smart, concise method of working. Rebekah primarily works on pre- and post-processing of multilingual project files and quality checking.

Rebekah has travelled around Europe but her heart lies with France – “...their folk music, dance, food, wine…”. Rebekah studied in Bordeaux.

Rebekah is a rapper. Not the baggy-trouser wearing microphone wielders but the sash-wearing sword-thrusting type. Rebekah loves travelling around the country for her passions of folk music (Rebekah is a violinist in a folk band) and to perform with her award-winning rapper team.

At Talking Heads, Rebekah hopes to become more of an expert in coordinating the different stages of the translation process and says that her favourite part of working at Talking Heads is

…being surrounded by people who speak another language and are passionate about language. Working as part of such a friendly team”.

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Rosie Elliman

Operations Director

Now living in Leeds, Rosie is originally from Harrogate. Rosie expertly manages all of the varied and interesting aspects that arise within the team and likes to test herself with new and exciting challenges within the industry.

Rosie loves fashion, interior design and to travel. Out of the many countries which Rosie has visited, her favourite is Thailand. This included experiencing hiking, beaches, temples and great food, with her standout moment being able to stay with a hill tribe for a few days. Rosie loves most performing arts; her favourites being the musical, Les Miserables, and Motown music. Within cinema, her favourite film is the classic Withnail and I. Rosie loves planning! Having had a great chance to do this for her recent wedding, Rosie will plan holidays, weddings, family parties - you name it, she will plan it.

Rosie’s favourite thing about working at Talking Heads is her colleagues;

“…it’s the team that makes it… we all work extremely hard and really get on – we have a Talking Heads family. Making it even more exciting and interesting are the variety of clients we work with; you never have one day the same.”

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Stacey Smith

Linguist & Finance Coordinator

Stacey works in our Finance team, looking after hundreds of linguists’ transactions and payments each month. Stacey is a ray of sunshine in the team and a conscientious team member.

Stacey has travelled within Europe and enjoys learning about new languages, cultures and clients through her work at Talking Heads. Outside of work her primary passions are her lovely little girl (who she says is her biggest achievement), music and makeup! Stacey can often be found with a lively hair colour – if it’s not pink or purple something’s wrong.

Stacey is a big music fan and loves films which are full of entertainment and music, such as Moulin Rouge.

As well as her daughter, Stacey also shares her home with Sophia the cat (a source of comedy stories for us in the office), Minnie (a bearded dragon – not so humorous), Rango the gecko and Amy and Stix, the fish. We aren't sure where Stacey finds the energy to come to work, but she loves working for Talking Heads:

“My favourite things about working at Talking Heads are my colleagues and bosses, learning new aspects of my role, team bonding days, work nights out and learning new things about our company (languages, our clients etc.). I’m hoping to continue working here for a long time as I have learnt so much already and I want to continue doing so. I have never worked in such a content environment.”

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