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Caring for our communities is a tough job - and it must seem tougher when communication with your end-users is limited or impossible.

"Your service is exceptional" City Council, South Yorkshire
"The staff think that you are fabulous! The face to face interpreting service really does make a difference. We are all impressed" City Council
"Your Interpreter was fantastic; she arrived early, was totally professional and a pleasure to work with. I would definitely score her a '10 out of 10'. If I need an interpreter in future, please be in no doubt I would contact you first" Local Borough Council

If Mum doesn't speak English and your Social Worker needs to communicate on a regular basis, Interpreters are a key part of the process. If families are struggling to acclimatise to their new surroundings due to language and culture barriers, Talking Heads can help.

We provide Interpreters in all languages, who sensitively provide the link between two people who do not speak the same language. We manage the often complicated issue of conflict of interest within a community. Put simply, we understand your situation and what you are trying to achieve. 

Training / Assurances

  • Our linguists are inducted wherever possible and have regular QA checks
  • Security checks where required - e.g., Interpreter DBS checks
  • Management of familiarity / community issues to avoid conflict of interests
  • Efficient management of Interpreter bookings - 2 check-ins required for each assignment - reducing unnecessary expenditure

Multilingual Services

  • Face to face (consecutive) Interpreting for meetings, assessments, home-visits, contact sessions, etc.
  • Interpreters for court appearances, statement taking, visits to professionals (health, police, etc.)
  • Telephone Interpreting and Appointment Making
  • Translation of letters, emails, case notes, reports and statements

Call 0114 470 1075 or click to email us.