What does translation actually entail?

More than you may think... Here we introduce the crucial steps to translation success.

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Review / Research / quotation
Analyse the enquiry, determine feasibility and necessary human / technical resources required to complete the work to a high standard.

Order / Financials    

Project Manager review / research; administrative, technical and linguistic aspects according to the project specifications; source language content analysis.

Pre-processing of file(s) / formatting; necessary technical and pre-production tasks in order to prepare the source language content for translation.

Source translator and proofreader from translation team: language, content, appropriateness for subject matter.

Following the ISO 17100 process: compliance with specific domain and client terminology, semantic accuracy, syntax, spelling, punctuation, diacritical marks and other orthographical conventions, lexical cohesion and phraseology, locale and any applicable standards; formatting; target audience and purpose of the target language content. Self-revision; semantic, grammatical and spelling issues, and for omissions and other errors, as well as ensuring compliance with any relevant translation project specifications.

Project Manager review / discussion of feedback.

By a linguist other than the translator; examination of the target language content against the source language content for any errors and other issues, and its suitability for purpose. This shall include comparison of the source and target language content.

PM review / QA check

Premium option - MONOLINGUAL REVIEW; if the project specifications include a review, the PM shall ensure that the target language content is reviewed. The PM shall require the reviewer to carry out a review to assess the suitability of the target language content for the agreed upon purpose and domain.

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Post processing
Post-processing of file(s); technical, formatting.
Typesetting (if ordered).
Final delivery review; final verification of the project against specifications by the PM before delivery to the client.

Delivery to client by the agreed deadline, in the agreed format.

With or after delivery.

Our process for handling client feedback; for assessment of client satisfaction and for making appropriate corrections and/or taking corrective action. If there is a need to implement any corrections, the work will be redelivered to the client.

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