Webinar: Staying on top of fluctuating currency rates

One Euro

Staying on top of fluctuating currency rates and getting the most from the weakened pound.

Wednesday 11 October 14:00-15:00

Brexit has been described as one of the most significant events in British history. The ramifications of the vote and the subsequent deal Britain gets will ripple through generations. It is likely to affect almost every aspect of life in some way or another, not just for the UK, but its relationship with Europe and the world.

Next Wednesday Open to Export is running a webinar with Currency UK on how to plan ahead to stay on top of fluctuating currency rates - something that has become especially prominent since Brexit.

Rob Affleck from Currency UK will be joined by a case study and a trade finance expert from the Institute of Export & International Trade to cover what procedures and support are available for businesses looking to safeguard themselves against further fluctuations. 

Catch up with all of their webinars at opentoexport.com/webinars.

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