UK Small Business Exports Boom – What’s the Key to their Success?

2015 was a great year for small businesses. As the demand for British products and services overseas grows, so does the profitable opportunities for Brits abroad (in terms of exporting, anyway).

Barclays’ new Business Abroad Index revealed that UK SMEs experienced a 6% rise (compared to 2014) in total payments received from European countries, with the top 10 exporting destinations comprising of 8 European countries. There was also a 21% increase in exports to China.

The retail sector was one of the biggest areas to grow, with a 36% increase in exports taking place in 2015, compared with the previous year. The second largest growth was in manufacturing exports, which saw a 10% increase in 2015.

To what do UK businesses owe their exporting success?

Understanding the International Market
Steve Childs, head of international for business banking at Barclays, said: “British products and services are in demand, and exploring overseas avenues delivers huge growth potential.

“The first port of call when considering exporting is identifying a target market and researching it thoroughly; learning the culture, economic and political environment, customs, market, how business is conducted and most importantly, the competition.”

That is where we come in.

Reading between the Lines
As a translation agency, we pride ourselves in not just understanding the words on the page, but the historical, cultural, personal influences that make up the language.

Talking Heads' network of linguists doesn’t just understand the spoken and written language of your target market; they understand their cultural preferences, buying habits, and how they consume your brand’s communications.

Our team can also assist you in communicating with your international target market beyond just wording. Design is equally as important as the language used in any market, international or otherwise.

We can ensure you are portraying the right messages about your product in every way possible, from the packaging to the marketing collateral. 

The key to successful exporting is knowing your international market inside and out. Our network of nearly 10,000 linguists, translators and researchers speak over 200 languages worldwide – we know your market.

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