Norwegian Consumers: Product Origin Thoughts

Norwegian office desk

New research shows Norway’s consumers are more concerned about the quality of the product than whether it was produced in Norway.

Unlike the British, where consumers are often more concerned about buying ‘British’ produce, Norwegians are less concerned about the country of origin of products.

The top priorities are taste and suitability for particular recipes, according to research conducted by Nofima.

Although Norwegian consumers are still conscious of supporting their own food manufacturing sector to promote job creation, many were not willing to pay the extra or sacrifice quality for the cause.

Packaging a Priority for Successful Exports
Meeting the expectations of consumers is the key to increasing sales of food produce in Norway. On an aisle full of similar foods from competing brands, packaging is the most important selling tool a food producer has. It is vital that the packaging highlights the key factors which research shows to be the most important to Norwegian shoppers.

The main factor that shoppers take into account when assessing whether the product is good value for money is the quality of the product and ingredients. Highlighting the quality of the ingredients used and how the manufacturing process contributed to quality are both important factors in standing out from the crowd.

In the research consumers showed a preference for transparent packaging as it allows them to see the product before purchasing.

How the product can be prepared and popular recipes/uses for it are also important messages to include on the packaging if you want to resonate with Norwegian consumers.

Let Us Help With That
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