India’s Major Healthcare System Development

Compiled by Oliver Walsh (Talking Heads Work Experience)

Photo by  Hans Vivek  on  Unsplash

Photo by Hans Vivek on Unsplash

The Indo-UK Institute of Health (IUIH) has initiated a programme working to create a network of 11 Medicities across India. These are arguably the market leaders in network-enabled exchanging of clinical and health information and they are established worldwide.

It aims to partner with key NHS providers to improve the quality of healthcare and medical education services across 100 cities in India. The first partner used for the programme was Kings College Hospital (KCH).

The project is underway in India, as 2 of the 11 Medicity sites have already been built in the cities of Nagpur and Amravati, with assistance from KCH. It is estimated that the construction of the next 9 sites will take another 10 years to complete.

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Compiled by Oliver Walsh (Talking Heads Work Experience).

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