Great! Exporting And Investing In The UK

great.JPG is the UK government site offering information and advice about exporting and investing in the UK and in our experience, it’s great!

Over the last 2 years the site has attracted 4.4m users (with 31.8k registered users) and has had 13.1m page views [source]. It’s worth a look, even for experienced exporters, to see if there’s anything there for you to learn, or simply to read about similar businesses’ experiences.

“Thousands of businesses like yours have increased their sales, growth and stability by selling overseas. Explore the potential of exporting with guidance, services and support from the Department for International Trade.”



Find information on the areas of exporting you’re dealing with as and when you need it.

Create an export plan, find an export market, define route to market, get export finance and funding, manage payment for export orders, prepare to do business in a foreign country, manage legal and ethical compliance, prepare for export procedures and logistics.

Export services

Export services help to connect UK businesses with international buyers.

Create a business profile, find online marketplaces, find export opportunities.

Exporters share their story

Read what other UK businesses have to say about their experiences with exporting and the decisions they made to secure the future of their business.

Don’t forget, with export comes translation - contact us for a chat about what we’ve learned from our other customers which can help you.

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