UK Trade in Numbers

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Latest UK Trade Figures from the DIT.


Number of GB businesses exporting*: 206,800 (2016) - 8.8% of GB businesses.

UK Total trade (2017): £1,272.7bn. Source: ONS Second Estimate of GDP (January to March 2018).

Goods: £820.5bn (64.5%)
Services: £452.2bn (35.5%)

EU: £622.5bn (48.9%)
Non-EU:£650.2bn (51.1%)

Top 10 UK trading partners (2016)

  1. United States

  2. Germany (German Translation)

  3. Netherlands (Dutch Translation)

  4. France (French Translation)

  5. China (Chinese Translation)

  6. Ireland

  7. Spain (Spanish Translation)

  8. Belgium (Dutch, French, German Translation)

  9. Italy (Italian Translation)

  10. Switzerland (French, Italian, German, Romansh Translation)

*Experimental statistics. Only covers registered businesses in the GB non-financial business economy.

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