The Rise Of The Digitally Discerning Consumer

Women using Ipad

Atos tell us that "Consumers are giving organisations few chances to get the digital journey right" (view full infographic here).

When looking at international customers, what should we consider?

The digitally discerning consumer has clear expectations: Simple to use, but not basic.

  • 58% expect digital updates to make the user experience simpler and cleaner

  • 78% would use a digital service because of speed

  • 81% would use a digital service because of simplicity

Time to rethink your customers; they are digitally empowered. There are 4 digital audiences your business must consider:

  • 18% Rapacious - Digital first, digital fast

  • 39% Receptive - Happy to use digital services once all options explored

  • 29% Reluctant - Use digital when essential, would prefer to speak to a person

  • 14% Resistant - Use digital services if no other option

Learn more about Atos here.

Working internationally adds in an additional element - language. Having a website in just 13 languages accesses 90% of all the money spent online. Visit our e-commerce page here.

Translation is key to communication with your customers. Talk to us about your international online communications.