What Does Our 20th Year Hold For Us?

Angéla Görbe , Project Manager (L) and  Alice Rigoux , Project Coordinator (R).

Angéla Görbe, Project Manager (L) and Alice Rigoux, Project Coordinator (R).

Having been founded in 1999 by Eileen Enos, Talking Heads sees its 20th birthday in 2019.

A pivotal anniversary for any business, what will this year hold for us?

The conclusion to last year

Funnily enough, as we face the new year with cries of change and ‘new beginnings’, we, like many businesses will be focusing on the closing months of the financial year. Have we met our quality, service and financial targets? Does 17/18 look like a good year for us? What could we do better? Where can this knowledge take us and how can it help our customers?


In the first quarter of the year we’ll be celebrating TWENTY years in business. Now compared to some of our customers, that’s a drop in the ocean (Leeds Castle are celebrating 900 years!) but it’s definitely still something we’re proud of. In that time we’ve got past a recession, change in Public Sector tendering, technology racing ahead affecting every industry, not just ours (massively) and some strange, strange political events and decisions. Watch this space for frivolities later in the year…

Same standard - new approach?

One thing which does not need to change (only be maintained) is our commitment to bloody excellent work! But the way we approach this will change, as it does every year. Our customers will grow and their requirements change; the world outside us changes and we have to understand and adapt.

The love-in continues

We love following our customers’ journeys as they grow and change. We are proud to have long standing clients who have gone from being a UK only business to international superstars! From partnering with them in their first language, to now regularly producing multilingual communications, our commitment to their ambitions is the same as ever.

Welcome newbies!

As with every year, 2019 will also see us welcome new customers to the fold. It’s always exciting to meet someone new, whether we’re already familiar with their brand or not, and join them in their international endeavours. Who will it be this year…? We are sure we’ll be announcing some exciting collaborations in the near future!

So what does 2019 hold for you?

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