2016 Trends for Africa, Asia & Latin America

Our friends at trendwatching.com educate us in 5 worldwide consumer trends for 2016.

5 Asian Consumer Trends for 2016.

Asian consumer sitting in the street

Practical peers
In 2016, socially inclined consumers will connect with strangers and individuals in their extended network for mutual benefits, to get things done and create shared value.

Brands with benefits
In 2016, big brands should consider utilizing idle capacity and embedding value into resources that would usually get wasted - all for the good of society.

Heritage chic
In 2016 consumers will still want to preserve tradition and local culture, but without the hassle that comes with it.

Shock therapy
In 2016 brands will increasingly employ shocking methods to jar consumers into action, to get them to start addressing these issues again.

Organized mass
In 2016 the informal economy gets a systematic and centralized makeover, allowing consumers a more organized roadmap in navigating the often messy market.

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5 Latin American Consumer Trends for 2016. 

Latin America

The opportunity for brands? In 2016, integration is the key word for the region.Businesses that promote new encounters, and serve the needs of newcomers as well as those who seek to welcome them, will win the love of many in Central & South America.

Urban adventurers
In 2016, then, brands that help consumers find new, faster, safer, more affordable and more pleasant ways to traverse their cities will be loved.

End of waiting
Brands that make it a priority to be there as and when consumers need, offer services at the touch of a button, and reduce waiting times to zero (or as close as humanly possible!) will be rewarded with love and attention.

Valuable exchanges
In 2016, consumers in South & Central America will seek to take their interactions with brands to the next level. That means actively participating in VALUABLE EXCHANGES that are useful, fun, or help make the world a better place.

Organized mass
The opportunity? Help consumers find the small and micro businesses that can serve their needs. And provide the platforms that will allow those customers to review, rate and increase trust in those businesses.

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5 African Consumer Trends for 2016. 

Latin American women looking at tree

Adoption of on-demand is increasingly becoming a status play. For upwardly mobile Africans, keeping up with the Mutombos, Makolas or Mensahs now means using novel on-demand services that set them apart from their peers. It's all about who has access andhow services are accessed by 2016's DIVASUMERS.

Benevolent bribery
Increasingly aware of the negative and damaging impacts of 'third world consumerism', the black market and all in all, a lack of individual discipline, conscientious individuals will welcome brands that use BENEVOLENT BRIBERY to encourage or even enforce good behavior and better living.

Commerce sense pricing
This is creating a heightened demand for newer and more innovative forms of payment. 2016’s African consumers will expect brands to overcome payment convenience issues, problematic pricing and transaction-based obstacles by facilitating seamless and smarter COMMERCE SENSE PRICING.

In 2016, FEMCENTRICITY will mark the convergence of three key growth areas of African female empowerment:
1. FEMCENTRICITY through ongoing training and skills building initiatives
2. Openly flaunting and boldly representing FEMCENTRICITY in male-dominated industries
3. An innovation rush of FEMCENTRIC products, services and experiences, all tastefully executed

Organized mass
African consumers already seek transparency, trust and reliability when they deal with established brands. In 2016, they'll demand the same from informal service providers and previously unaccountable businesses. And that means they'll embrace new platforms that allow them to more easily locate, communicate with, rate and review those providers.

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