Talking Heads Survey Results

We had great feedback to our Customer Survey. Thanks go to all clients who completed this. The feedback is most useful – there were some obvious trends in the elements that people fed back on. Although the overall response was that we are providing an ‘above average’ service, there’s always room to make this better – so we will be taking all feedback very seriously as part of our continued growth and commitment to service levels.

Congratulations to Craig Dall from The Workshop who won the survey prize of an iPod Nano.

An extract of the results:

Question: “Talking Heads understands your sector and can support your requirements because of this understanding”

83% of respondents replied ‘agree’ or ‘strongly agree’.
Our Comment: We like this but will aim for a higher percentage of positive replies.
Question: “I am very satisfied with Talking Heads”
96% of respondents replied ‘agree’ or ‘strongly agree’
Our Comment: This is absolutely brilliant, we aim to satisfy our clients wholly. The 4% needs addressing though. :-)
Question: Why do you continue to use Talking Heads?
88.9% of respondents chose ‘Reliability of service’

Question: “The interpreting service provided by Talking Heads is excellent”
87% of respondents replied ‘agree’ or ‘strongly agree’
Our comment: There’s room here for improvement and we are working on this.
Question: “The translation service provided by Talking Heads is excellent”
87.4% of respondents replied ‘agree’ or ‘strongly agree’
Our Comment: Again, there’s room here for improvement and we are working on this.
These statistics show a positive level of affirmative replies - which of course we aim for. However we appreciate that there are areas that we can work on – and we will.
Some of the suggestions and comments we received (all of which have been replied to individually), were in reference to our pricing of interpreting and availability of interpreters speaking some in-demand languages. We are working on these areas and thank you for your feedback – to know what you all think is so valuable to us!

Please contact us if you have any questions or comments.

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The Talking Heads Annual Customer Survey: 99% of respondents believe that our service provision is 'Reliable', 'High quality', 'Consistent', 'Useful', 'Good value for money', 'You pay attention to my individual requirements', 'Better than other providers I have used' or 'Very high quality'.