Discount for loyal clients

When clients, especially commercial businesses, use our services for translations, we like to think that we’re the only translation agency that they use. There are a number of reasons for this:

1. We hope that when clients work with us for the first time their experience is very satisfying and as such they return to use our services.

2. We offer a great quality of service at competitive prices

3. We tailor our services to their needs and communicate with them throughout the whole of the project.

Another reason why clients may wish to remain loyal to Talking Heads is because of the discounts our company can offer.

As new technology may affect your industry, it has certainly affected ours. The way in which a translation project is processed has changed significantly. The pre-processing element of translation; the part where we, the agency, firstly understand your needs, assign a word count to your files so we can provide a quotation and prepare your files to send to the translator (should you accept the quote!) has evolved into something  very technical.

This part of the process involves software that produces a word count. Gone are the days of continually using tally counters for each individual word until we fall into a pit of sleep and our dreams are haunted by constant clicking. The innovative software not only tells us the word count but also shows the repeated words within the file and calculates the amount of ‘cross file repetitions’ if your project involves several files.

Yet this software is even more sophisticated; it stores a Translation Memory of each project.  This way every time you ask us to quote, we use this memory to see if we can save you money by not translating something we have translated before. This also provides consistency in style and terminology of packaging, manuals, websites etc..

For example, let’s take a commercial client in the Food & Drink sector. They sell a range of beers, ciders and spirits. They export these products from the United Kingdom to France. Each packaging of each product line they sell states ‘Please drink responsibly’. If we have already translated ‘Please drink responsibly’ for the client’s Cider line into French, when the client returns to translate their premium Beer lines into French, we will see that  ‘Please drink responsibly’ has already been translated. Thus we do not need to charge the client again for previously translated words. This results in significant discounts on quotes the more times you work with us.

This software really does help to ease the process of translation from client to agency to translator and proof reader and can significantly reduce the price we have to charge to linguists and therefore what we charge you.

As well as the fact that we hope you would want to remain loyal, this incentivises clients a little bit more to stick with Talking Heads.

If you would like to know more about the software we use or Trados in particular please email us

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