Megaplast and Talking Heads

International Communications Proposal


Websites and Brochures

Thank you for allowing us the opportunity to provide you with a proposal for your international communications activities. We understand that you require:


UK website

Danish website

Finnish website

Norwegian website

Swedish website

Brochures with multilingual intros.





Project Time Estimate

Key Personnel



Website/s Creation

Brochure Creation



Optional Extras




Project Time Estimate

Key Personnel

From concept to completion, your project will be primarily led by Laurianne Enos.



Laurianne Enos, Company Director

Laurianne has a background in the commercial application of design and has co-run Talking Heads for nearly 10 years, gaining experience in international trade communications across a multitude of sectors.

Marta Woznica, Translation Team Leader

Starting at entry level with Talking Heads, Marta has worked on every aspect of the extensive translation process and has advanced to her current position as Team Leader. Marta is highly efficient and understands the commercial targets of clients and how to effectively manage linguists and other suppliers to reach these aims.


The Translation Team

Our multilingual, multidisciplinary team will support Marta to achieve your project goals.

Click to view team profiles.

Our Pool of Suppliers

We have developed our pool of linguists, designers, researchers, etc., over the last 18 years to ensure we have the correct skills available to effectively produce quality results, working with every language and culture in the world.




Knowledge of where you hope to sit within your target market and how you will be compared to others, especially ‘home-grown’ competitors, is crucial. We will utilise our ‘in-country’ professionals to gather critical information (based on information / a brief from you), to aid understanding of your placement within the target market. We would also ask for you to forward any information you currently hold about the activities in each market.

We would utilise this information to assist us in proposing how you should ‘look and feel’ and communicate key messaging in your sector, in each market. It will guide us about what to do, what not to do and how to gain competitive advantage.

Research activity and results, per market:

  • 3 hours online research time by a local professional
  • 1 hour management review by L Enos
  • Summary report of findings

Research Instructions:

1.     Conduct a web search on the term/s which have been provided by Megaplast.

a.     Take screen grabs of pages 1 and 2 from each search result.

2.     Create a list of the commercial competitors (only) which appear in the results – min 3, max 5.

3.     For each commercial competitor, report the following (where available):

Please use the screen grab function to provide evidence throughout the report. Please choose the local language, rather than English, where possible. Where a linguistic or cultural translation is beneficial to explain your findings, please provide a translation to English.

a.    How would you describe the aesthetic style of this company’s visual brand? E.g., is it modern, traditional, formal, informal, friendly, imposing, etc.?

b.    What key messages are they communicating on their homepage?

c.    What imagery reflects or supports this messaging?

d.    What feeling do you get about this company?

e.    What have you learnt from their ‘about us’ page/s? What have they felt was important to convey to their customer/s?

f.     If you were looking to source a film supplier (say, if you worked for a SME tea manufacturer), would this company appeal to you? If so, why? If not, why?

g.    How can a customer engage with this company? Newsletter, social media, video, blog, etc.

h.    Please list any social / charity / corporate responsibility activities.

i.     List key facts, such as number of employees, year founded, turnover, etc. List their head office and branch locations – national and international.

j.     Copy and paste a list of their products and services.

k.    Copy and paste a list of their target sectors.

l.     Did anything strike you as being particularly good about their website? What appealed to you?

m.   Did anything strike you as being particularly bad about their website? Did anything put you off?

n.    Download an illustrative selection of brochures and technical specification documents.

4.     Consider the company name ‘Megaplast’. In your language, does this mean anything, positive or negative? Does it sound like something fortunate or unfortunate?

5.     Conduct a web search on ‘Megaplast’ in your country. Are there any other brands with this name or similar? Provide web links / information.

Management Review:

  • Ascertain common brand angles and communications methods for the sector.
  • Highlight common features / cultural elements.
  • Collate competitors’ target sectors and methods of communications.
  • Establish what could establish competitive advantage within supplier pool.
  • Suggest how this may influence our communications concept.



Communications proposal relative to website and brochure production.



To communicate Megaplast's offering to international markets, namely Denmark, Finland, Norway and Sweden, via websites and brochures.

Retain current Megaplast logo and other aesthetic elements, whilst updating communication materials to reflect market positioning and attract target market potentials.

Understand and utilise existing Megaplast knowledge and research undertaken; aim to be as attractive as possible to specific markets whilst retaining a cohesive international brand.



Present examples of the creative concept for the communications of key aspects of Megaplast's offering. This will include:

Example website pages which illustrate key messages, and a conceptual design to promote the company brand, beliefs and approach.

Example brochure pages.


Website Creation

The website creation option we are suggesting is to work on a pre-existing ‘platform’ (rather than ‘coding’ everything from scratch) called




  • Low cost to use platform and host website.
  • Relatively simple WYSIWYG (what you see is what you get) editor.
  • Instant and easy editing / updating – without paying for every small edit in the future.
  • Excellent entry-level brochure websites – which don't look entry level.
  • Sites automatically work on all standard browsers and mobile devices.
  • Wide range of templates available.
  • Each template offers the majority of what is required for this purpose.
  • is constantly upgrading their offering, with new features being added regularly, keeping up with modern communications trends so you don't have to.
  • The platform offers basic analytics, including traffic overview, sources, popular content, etc.
  • The platform offers everything you need, without having to learn yourself, or pay high rates externally.


(only) if you want to change the template...

  • Only a technical coder can edit the ‘hard coded’ elements required to change the template. E.g., if you wanted to make some white space at the bottom of the site smaller, that would require hard coding expertise.
  • Technical coders aren’t cheap (e.g., our mid-range supplier charges £90+vat per hour).







1.     Neil (and Laurianne) choose a template from The choice is based on aesthetics and template functions.

2.     The following will be agreed upon:

a.     Site structure
b.     Text and imagery
c.     CTAs, forms and functions of each page.

3.     All text and photographs are to be provided by, and at the expense of Megaplast, if suitable imagery cannot be sourced from existing company library, or through a copyright free, free of charge service such as

4.     TH will design and develop a 10 page UK Megaplast website for use and also to act as primary template for international sites. Example pages:

  1. Home – key messaging, links.
  2. About – company history, accreditations and positives.
  3. Products
  4. Products
  5. Products
  6. Products
  7. Testimonials
  8. Testimonials
  9. Testimonials
  10. Contact

5.     Other pages could include:

a.     Target sectors
b.     News / blog
c.     Terms & Conditions, Privacy Policy, etc.

6.     Key words and phrases to be provided by Megaplast for implementation onto site on page titles and for the Search Engine Description. This can be edited when required.

7.     Some technical hard coding by a separate specialist is required to enable comprehensive translations and IP identification, for example.

8.     4 international sites created from UK template.

9.     Preview site/s before publication. Amendment round/s.

What is not included?

Ongoing SEO practices such as Adwords or increasing the rankings of the sites. This must be done by specialists.



Brochure Creation

We would manage our extensive pool of native speaking designers / typesetters to create digital marketing brochures / technical datasheets. These would be designed using the industry–standard Adobe Creative Suite of applications and would be provided for use in PDF format.

Suggested brochures:

Company / Full Product Range Brochure. Approx. 10 pages. Concept and population of content.

Approx. 3 page brochure for each product, including multilingual cover page, product overview and technical data:



  • AirOFilm Agri
  • AirOFilm Flowra
  • AirOFilm Flowra Lite
  • AirOFilm Manual
  • AirOFilm Maxx
  • AirOFilm Standard
  • AirOFilm Standard Lite


  • AirOFilm Stretch
  • AirOFilm Stretch Lite
  • FiberFilm Alpha
  • FiberFilm Beta
  • FiberFilm Delta
  • FiberFilm Gamma
  • FiberFilm Manual



Translation of approximately 5000 words of text for use on website/s and brochure/s, into Danish, Finnish, Norwegian and Swedish.

  • We would recommend our ‘standard’ 12 – 13 step translation process, details of which can be found here.
  • We effectively manage our quality team of resources and linguists, which will be specifically chosen for this type of work / sector / usage.
  • All translations are carried out by our highly qualified and experienced native speaking (human!) linguists.
  • We have been in the industry for over 18 years and have built up an incredible resource pool of linguists whom we manage to achieve the very best results.
  • Any required research / discussion regarding terminology / use of document/s or text/s will be carried out (not limited by time).
  • We will retain the translations into our Translation Memory (TM) software, allowing for consistency and cost savings in future – building up the ‘Megaplast’ Dictionary to aid you in future, and save money.
  • Our standard translations follow the ISO 17100 process.

The translations produced are, of course, yours to own and use for other purposes as well as the websites and brochures.



Crucial for your ongoing use of the websites, Laurianne will provide 1 day’s training for up to 2 people in a Sheffield location. This will include:



  • How to log in and navigate the platform.
  • How to edit text and imagery.
  • How to move pages, how to disable pages.
  • How to change contact details and where enquiry forms are emailed to.
  • How to create and manage a blog.
  • How to change the aesthetics and style of the site.
  • How to update your company details on the site.
  • How to manage connected accounts, such as LinkedIn, twitter, etc.
  • How to read and interpret ‘analytics information.
  • How to access’s excellent support function.


Optional Extras


Fluid HD (Tony Richardson) is our video maker of choice. Tony has provided the following information as a starting point idea:

  • 3-5 min corporate film - filming at 2/3locations (Megaplast Offices, Warehouse, client)
  • A shorter background film can also be created for the website and if a client is visited, a short client testimonial for Website/Social.
  • 2 Days Camera Operator
  • 2 Days Sound/ Lighting Engineer
  • 2 Days 4K Camera Kit
  • 3 Days Edit
  • Voice over
  • Music Licence


Inbound assistance

So that you can manage inbound enquiries that come into your site (potentially in other languages), we can offer inbound assistance.

On the websites you can have contact forms and choose who receives the submissions on these. We would suggest that Megaplast and TH receive these. If an enquiry is not in English, we would automatically translate it and forward to you. We would suggest a ‘translation’ only service for this, to keep costs as low as possible, unless a submission was highly technical.

If the ‘business’ package is chosen from Squarespace (rather than the basic level ‘personal’ package), you can also have a pop-up which appears as a new user visits the site. Users can submit a message via this method also, and we could follow the process above.



Can be downloaded here.


Thank you for reading our proposal. Please contact Laurianne for project discussions.