Manufacturing Translation Services.

We enjoy a long and successful relationship with Talking Heads, who provide technical translations for our comprehensive Operator’s Manuals and related documents. They provide these translations to a high quality level, on time and on budget and are proactive in their suggestions and attitude.
— Hitachi

TRANSLATION: Operation manuals, documentation, website copy, marketing copy, catalogues, brochures and technical specifications, emails, tenders and more.

GLOSSARIES: Creation and management of glossaries of terms to ensure consistency and quality - resulting in your brand dictionary.

WORLDWIDE LEGISLATION: Working with our legal partners to ensure compliance in every country of the world.


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Our Understanding of Your Sector


Branching into international markets can be the key to success for many manufacturing and engineering companies of all sizes. However, language barriers often pose a problem for employees on international visits and also for cross-border product and service promotion.

Product localisation can help to improve your brand’s reputation across international markets, while ensuring that all products and services provided by your company are fully understood. Accurate translations are also critical for successful business communication. Our technical translation services specialise in providing high quality translations for manufacturing and engineering companies, ensuring that any complex information is able to be understood clearly by markets around the globe.

The intricacies of the manufacturing and engineering industry require compliance to international legislations and at least a succinct understanding of processes to help guarantee safety. Our manufacturing translation services are available for both written and verbal requirements, helping to ensure complete comprehension at all times.

At Talking Heads, we boast a 98% satisfaction rate, showcasing our commitment to providing a service focused on quality for each of our clients. We pride ourselves on our passion for translations, with a team of 11,000 linguists in our internal pool and 300,000 specialists located worldwide available to assist with your project.


We have experience providing manufacturing translation services to small, medium and large companies based in the UK and abroad. Whether you’re transporting parts to the other side of the world, require a translator for an international meeting or require translated marketing copy for a new plant opening, trust in the services provided by Talking Heads. We offer translation services for all relevant documentation and face-to-face meetings such as expos, tours and client visits, meaning our comprehensive range of technical translation services are certain to suit your every requirement. Our team have almost 20 years’ experience in providing accurate manufacturing translation services which remain compliant to their target market.

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