Preventing Language Barriers from Affecting Your Case

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Long-standing providers of multilingual services to Law Firms, Talking Heads take pride in our knowledge of your sector. We work with over 2,000 individual fee-earners across nearly 300 Law Firms, including many local Solicitors close to our two regional offices and national and international law firms, many of them who are featured in the 'Top 100' lists each year.

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Legal Aid Agency (LAA) Funded Cases

  • 16 years experience in Legal Aid, Legal Help + Immigration cases – we understand the system and ease the process you face.
  • Written translation at the approved LAA rate - £99/1k words (no prior authority required).
  • Verbal Interpreting at the approved LAA rate: £28/hr.
  • All languages covered   -   Split billing available

Privately Funded Cases

  • Covering all teams; family, criminal, conveyancing, employment, litigation, transactional, wills & probate, etc.
  • Fair prices
  • Professional, efficient service
  • Split billing available

Specialist Terminology

  • Legal
  • Patents
  • Insurance
  • Medical

No Win – No Fee Payment Terms

  • Personal Injury, negligence, etc
  • Understanding of your process
  • Deferred / discounted fee agreements
  • Split billing available
Your Interpreter was excellent and provided a very professional service. I have recommended you to our immigration department who would use your service fairly regularly. Your agency has provided excellent interpreters on all the occasions I have requested one.
— Howells
Once again, Talking Heads has come through for us!
— Irwin Mitchell

Call 0114 470 1075 or click to email us.