Help with Forms

Check that your organisation allows access / interaction with our forms.

Check that you’re using a supported browser:

  • Chrome - Supported for PC, Mac, and Linux
  • Firefox - Supported for PC, Mac, and Linux
  • Safari - Only supported for Mac
  • Microsoft Edge - Only supported for PC
  • Internet Explorer - Only supported for PC

Check that your browser is up to date. You should use the latest available version for your operating system.

Open or log into your site in a different browser. If you don’t have the same problem, the issue is likely isolated to the first browser.

Open your site in a private or incognito window. It turns off extensions and add-ons that may interfere with our forms. If private browsing fixes the problem, follow the next steps.

  • Clear your cache.
  • Check that cookies and JavaScript are enabled in your browser. Our system relies on these to help you edit and browse your site.
  • Disable browser extensions that might be interfering with your site.