Translations for the Beauty / Cosmetics Industry.

A relationship to support your international operations; creative, technical and safe.

Thanks again for all your efforts working with us - it is very much appreciated. You are true professionals and an excellent trading partner. I appreciate always, how professional and easy to work with your team are.
— International Business Development Manager, Nouveau Lashes

Benefit #1
A unique system of legislative referencing / glossaries to aid compliance in market and working with world-leading legal partners to provide international compliance advice.

Benefit #2
Creation and management of glossaries of terms to ensure consistency and quality - resulting in your brand dictionary.

Benefit #3
You can trust in our experience - we have been working with Beauty and Cosmetics companies for many years.

Our Offer
Talking Heads offers an unrivalled service; utilising a comprehensive in-house terminology glossary from worldwide regulations.

A specially devised pricing matrix to ensure you achieve the best value for money, for the comprehensive service.

Translation to ISO 1700:2015 standard, using your brand guidelines / tone of voice guidance.


Example Clients

We Translate

  • All product packaging / labelling (full pack copy and for stickering).

  • Marketing copy / claims, creative copy, descriptors, instructions and warnings.

  • Website copy, marketing content and POS materials.

  • Niche products' copy.

Related Services

  • Multilingual Typesetting.

  • SKU Artwork reviews by native speakers.

  • Translation of all types of content; legal / contractual, etc.

  • Interpreters for site visits, factory tours, etc.


Precise beauty translation is a crucial part of globalising a product. Ensuring the accurate translation of product descriptions makes sure that the variety of ingredients in the products, some of which may not be suitable for everybody’s skin, are clearly labelled. Detailed translations of all of the components in the beauty product will ensure that nobody applies the wrong product to their skin, which could even be fatal in some instances.

Not only is translation crucial for the health and safety of the brand users, but clear-cut product translation is also very beneficial for the success of product turnover and brand marketing. If the content for the marketing campaign of your beauty and cosmetic products contains particular phrases that could be misunderstood in another country if translated poorly, our linguists will utilise their experience to ensure the same message is seamlessly portrayed abroad.

With native speakers on hand for every language around the world, you can guarantee that your product translation will be accurate, no matter your individual requirements. Our translators are also experienced in locality, so your product translation can appear flawless when presented in numerous regions. We specialise in cosmetic and beauty translation and recognise the huge aptitude of the industry, so we ensure that the translations are not only factually correct, but also faultless, so your beauty and cosmetic business can be respected abroad. What’s more, our experienced linguists can make sure that your brand makes the right first impression in any country.

The 11,000 friendly translation experts on hand are dedicated to delivering the highest quality patent translation, so your product and business is easily recognisable across the globe. Our multilingual translators offer versatility across languages and specific sectors, ensuring that you will always be able to find a member of staff who is more than capable of helping you with your beauty and cosmetic translation.

Here at Talking Heads, we work closely with our clients to make sure that their specifications are met, in addition to meeting any deadlines that they may have. When our translators work with you and your business, they understand that it is important to reach your target audience in each country and present your product professionally, no matter where in the world you want to sell or expand to. As a result, you can rest assured that your beauty translation or cosmetic translation is coherent in other countries and has as much of a positive effect on customers around the world, as it does in the United Kingdom.

Having worked with a range of beauty and cosmetic businesses across the globe, both small and large, putting your trust in the team here at Talking Heads to produce content that will showcase your brand exceptionally well across the globe, and entice new buyers, will be a great investment for both you and your company.  

If you would like to find out more information regarding not only product translation, but specifically cosmetic and beauty translation and how our expert team at Talking Heads can help you, contact us today.