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Collectively at Talking Heads we have a wide range of pets; bearded lizards, a gecko, a bosc monitor lizard, 2 dogs and a clowder of cats!

We love our animals but our business approach is purely from a commercial perspective. 

We enable your multilingual communications to convey your love and care for animals to your customers, whether this is through marketing text, technical specifications or ingredients on pack.

We set out to make a positive and very professional impact at Nuremberg, to show we have the capability to support new export customers. Talking Heads’ empathy with our business and the speed and accuracy in production greatly assisted us in getting across our brand and company values to new leads. Many of our new customers specifically commented on the quality of our marketing including the translations.
— MD, Burgess Group

Multilingual Services

TRANSLATION of websites, brochures, product packs / SKUs, artwork copy, communications, campaigns, social media content,  SEO + PPC campaigns, POS materials, exhibition materials. Legislative referencing to aid compliance in market.
LEGISLATION: Working with world-leading legal partners to provide international compliance advice.
ARTWORK / TYPESETTING: Multilingual typesetting of all artwork types including layout, localisation for market, advisories, script manipulation, etc. Artwork reviews of typeset copy by native speakers.
GLOSSARIES: Creation and management of glossaries of terms to ensure consistency and quality - resulting in your brand dictionary.
VOLUME: Handling individual requirements or large volumes of copy; ensuring consistency and efficiency - free-of-charge access to online ordering and monitoring system.

Call 0114 470 1075 or click to email us.