Animal Care & Food Translations.

Convey your love and care for animals to your customers, through your marketing text, technical specifications and ingredients on pack.

Animal Care & Food Translations

Talking Heads’ empathy with our business and the speed and accuracy in production greatly assisted us in getting across our brand and company values to new leads.
— MD, Burgess Group

Benefit #1
A unique system of legislative referencing / glossaries to aid compliance in market and working with world-leading legal partners to provide international compliance advice.

Benefit #2
Creation and management of glossaries of terms to ensure consistency and quality - resulting in your brand dictionary.

Benefit #3
You can trust in our experience - we have been working with pet care companies for many years.

Our Offer
Talking Heads offers an unrivalled service; utilising a comprehensive in-house terminology glossary from worldwide pet food regulations.

A specially devised pricing matrix to ensure you achieve the best value for money, for the comprehensive service.

Translation to ISO 1700:2015 standard, using your brand guidelines / tone of voice guidance.


Example Customers

We Translate

  • All product packaging / labelling (full pack copy and for stickering).

  • Marketing copy / claims, creative copy, descriptors, instructions and warnings.

  • Website copy, marketing content and POS materials.

  • Niche products' copy.

Related Services

  • Multilingual Typesetting.

  • SKU Artwork reviews by native speakers.

  • Translation of all types of content; legal / contractual, etc.

  • Interpreters for site visits, factory tours, etc.

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Animal-Related Product Translation Services

Our furry friends are an important part of our lives and so it’s only natural that we want to ensure that food they eat and that the products we use to care for them, are not only beneficial but of the highest standard. We want to know exactly what we are feeding them, especially if they have any dietary requirements and we want to ensure that any products we use are safe for our pets. For that reason, here at Talking Heads, our native speakers can produce the most accurate animal food translations, so that both your business and your customers can be sure that they are purchasing the right food for their pets.  

With plenty of experience in working with pet care companies, our specialised team of expert translators have a wealth of knowledge, so you can trust that they’ll write accurate animal care translations for your company. Whether you want a translation for product packaging, labelling, or even your website or brochures, our translations will ensure that your companies’ reputation is maintained seamlessly and your brand’s tone of voice is portrayed accurately in whichever language you choose. Your company can open up and reach out overseas, knowing for certain that their products will be accurate in whichever country they choose to operate within. 

We always aim to use the same style of writing that has been used in your original content, whether that is informative, descriptive or even both, so every audience you target will receive the same core values and brand identity. By utilising our multilingual experts, you can expand your pet care company to more countries than you can imagine, through our precise and flawless translations that will always appear fluent to the reader.

At Talking Heads, we pride ourselves on our high level of specialised knowledge and our experience in the industry, so you can put your trust in us to produce animal care translations that will show your brand in the light you desire. Our professional team are friendly and approachable, so you can tell us exactly what you are looking for and rest assured that what we create will match your requirements exactly. We work extremely well to deadlines, to make sure that your translations are ready when you need them and will do so by your side throughout the entire process.

If you would like more information as to how we can help your company with animal food and care translation, don’t hesitate to contact our helpful team, today.