Your LAA Translation Request

Thank you for your enquiry. A quotation has been emailed to you. (If not attached, please click here to email us.)

Please read the following and our Terms & Conditions (Click here to view and read our Terms & Conditions) before accepting this quotation. Use of our services will indicate your agreement to them.


Terms in brief

  • Specially reduced rates for LAA/Legal Help-funded cases.
  • Regular monitoring of LAA Guidelines
  • Tailoring of our charging process to obtain their acceptance
  • Extended payment terms (NOT including ‘paid-when-paid’).
  • No extra charge for last-minute orders.
  •  Invoices provided complete with breakdown of detailed and appropriate information
  • "Split" invoices available if requested and agreed by all parties that they wish to share the costs, in advance of work commencement.  (This facility cannot be guaranteed if requested after delivery.)


Written translation – We have reduced our rates even further to £99/1000 words - LAA Guidance V3 states prior approval is not required for rates of less than £100/1,000 words. Please note, this rate does not include additional proof-reading. We recommended additional proof-reading, especially for larger word-counts and/or when a certificate of authentic translation is required.

Additional Proof-reading – always recommended and available on request; priced on a project-by-project basis, but no higher than £65/1k words

Transcription – available at LAA Guideline approved rates


Your acceptance of this Quotation and/or acceptance of any Services we provide, constitutes a legal, commercial agreement between us, and as such it is your responsibility to pay our invoices irrespective of your arrangement with the LAA or any decision made by them since it is you who have instructed us and placed the order with us. This applies even if, after we have delivered our service, the LAA refuse to pay the rates you have agreed to pay us. 

Talking Heads makes every effort to ensure our rates and terms are acceptable to the LAA however, we have no relationship with them, and for this reason, all fees must be approved and accepted by you in advance of our providing any service.

If there is any other way we can help you to suit the requirements of the Legal Aid Agency, we are very happy to discuss this with you as well as any other matter, and thank you very much for your custom.