Your LAA Interpreter Booking Request

Thank you for your enquiry.

We do have an Interpreter available and a quotation has been emailed to you. If there was no quotation attached to the email, please click here to email us.

Please read everything carefully before accepting this quotation. Use of our services will indicate agreement to the terms below and our Terms & Conditions, which cannot be superseded. Click here to view and read our Terms & Conditions.

Terms in brief

  • Specially reduced rates for LAA cases.
  • Greatly reduced cancellation terms for LAA cases.
  • Extended payment terms (but NOT ‘paid-when-paid’).
  • No extra charge for last-minute bookings.
  • "Split" invoices if requested and agreed in advance by all parties. (NOT after the event)
  • We will try to secure agreement to accept 'waiting time' where this is requested, though not all linguists do accept ‘waiting time’ rates. (NOTE – this is only available if requested in advance. It cannot be applied retrospectively.)
  • We will make a legal agreement with our linguists and we will pay them for the time they are booked or for the time attended, whichever is the greater.
  • We will make a legal agreement with you and expect to receive payment for time the linguist has been booked or for the time attended, whichever is the greater. As such, you agree to settle our invoices irrespective of any decision by the LAA. We have no relationship with them.


Our discounted hourly charge for interpreting for LAA work is £28/hour

It is assumed that your above booking is for time spent in 'Attendance' and we will charge at the above rate for all the hours 'booked' and/or attended. Please note: we will not be able to change this after the booking and cannot, retrospectively, break our agreed advance offer to the linguists by only paying at 'half-rate'. Equally, we cannot therefore only charge at half rate.

In accordance with LAA Guidelines, charge will be made for cancellations made less than 72 hours before the booked start time.

Your acceptance of this Quotation and/or delivery of any Services we provide, constitutes a legal, commercial agreement between us, and as such it is your responsibility to pay our invoices irrespective of your arrangement with the LAA since it is you who have instructed us and placed the order with us, even if, after we have delivered our service, the LAA refuse to pay the rates you have agreed to pay us. This is why all fees must be agreed in advance of our providing any service.

If there is any other way we can help you to suit the requirements of the Legal Aid Agency, we are very happy to discuss this and any other matter with you and thank you very much for your custom.

Please confirm you have read, understand and agree to accept all the text above and the contents of the quotation attached to the email and our Terms and Conditions of Trading and would like to make a booking according to them. Once this is received, we will be delighted to secure the services of the linguist in question. Your use of our services will be accepted by us as agreement to our Terms.