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Our Motivations

Talking Heads' mission is to provide high quality multilingual services, appropriate to client requirements.

  • Following world-class industry processes whilst employing proactive ingenuity.
  • Always acting professionally whilst retaining our individual and company personality.
  • Ensuring the client gets what they want and need to the highest quality and in the most proactive way possible.
  • Operating with grit and class.

Team Happiness is Important To Us
5 days out of every 7, for the large majority of the year; of your life you spend time with your workmates. A key part of Talking Heads is that the Directors want to assist the team to have a happy, healthy, progressive life in and out of work.

Our Clients are Important To Us
We're just like you. We want to produce excellent work with a minimum of hassle. We understand limitations - budget, time or legislative constraints, for example. We're determined to get your work done in the best possible way, so that you can too. We're with you all the way.

Our Reputation Is Important To Us

  • TH Annual Client Survey: 99% of client respondents believe 'You are better than other providers I have used', 'Your service is reliable, very high quality and consistent' and 'You are good value for money and pay attention to my individual requirements'
  • Since 2007 we have maintained a 98% satisfaction rating from professional translators and interpreters on the world's largest linguist portal
  • ATC UK Language Services Market Survey: In the top 3% of UK Translation Agencies
  • UK winner of the Nuffield Trophy for 'Best Group Entry' in the Diploma in Public Service Interpreting  (DPSI) qualification, awarded by CIoL Trust


  • Native speaking in every language of the world
  • Qualified / pre-tested in written Translation and / or Interpreting
  • Sector experienced
  • Constantly developing our over 10,000 strong worldwide pool, developed since 1999

Our sister company, linguisttraining.com, provides award-winning e-learning.

  • UK winner of the Nuffield Trophy for 'Best Group Entry' in the DPSI qualification, awarded by the CIoL.
  • Covering key practical requirements, including the UK national standard of Public Sector Interpreter training, the DPSI.

Linguists wishing to apply to work with Talking Heads, please click here.


Our pursuit of producing quality written translations with integrity.

  • A comprehensive 18 step translation process
  • Service level options available
  • Adherence: ISO 17100:2015 (Translation Services)
  • Member: European Association of Translation Companies
  • Member: UK Association of Translation Companies
  • Registered:  Information Commissioner's Office (Data Protection Act)

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